Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just What Every American Wants: Closer Relations with Canada and Mexico (Huh?)

One thing I do NOT hear as I go about my daily activities are comments like, "Boy, what this country needs is closer relations with Canada and Mexico!"

Yet, somehow, building said "closer" relations appears to be an almost sexual obsession for President Bush.

Here is a link to how the President responded to a legitimate question from a Fox News reporter asking if the little-understood and little-publicized SPP efforts might not have as their true goal a North American Union.

Notice Bush's failure to address the question directly in favor of pep-talk-like malarky.

There is something rotten in Denmark, Mr. President. Just whose pocket are you in?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Froma Harrop Nails Mitt Romney: Uber Chickenhawk

Mitt Romney is an impressive individual. He is a self-made multi-, multi-millionaire; he has served as Governor of Massachusetts; he was in charge of the Winter Olympics one year; he is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Romney has also raised five very promising sons -- each of whom became an Eagle Scout, played sports, follows their fathers' Mormon faith, and graduated from Harvard. Each son is clearly the child of privilege.

One thing that Mitt Romney never did was serve in the military. He got a missionary deferment during the VietNam war, no big deal.

Now, let's look at those five sons again. I failed to mention that each one of those five sons has been and is of an age to make military service very feasible. I failed to mention that not one of the five sons -- again, just like his father -- has served A DAY in the military. I said I would not beat up on the Father for his lack of military service, but I will look at his sons in a more critical light. During the last five or so years, our country has been involved in a war against Islamofascists in both Afghanistan and Iraq. That war has cost almost 4000 individuals their lives,to say nothing of the army of wounded and maimed. This is the point of Froma Harrop excellent piece in RCP here.

How is that, during this time of crisis, during this time of being attacked by our enemies, not ONE of Mitt's sons -- each of whom is the creme de la creme of American society -- found it worth his time to serve A SINGLE DAY in the military -- not even in the Guard (like Senator Biden's son) or the reserves (like Congressman Hunter's son), let alone active duty.

I think i see a pattern here: These boys are no rebels; they are remarkable for their maturity. Indeed they have followed their father's lead meticulously: He went to Harvard (Grad School); they went to Harvard; he lived a Boy Scout-like life, they became Eagle Scouts; he lived life as a devout Mormon, they each became Mormons.

Get my point? My take is that the MAIN REASON not ONE of Romney's sons served even ONE day in the military is because their father did NOT put a premium on military service. The virtues of the vocation of arms was not extolled in the Romney household.

Again, the tipping point is that this has been DURING WAR TIME.

Moreover, Romney has been calling for a "stronger" military and has indicated that he is willing to use it if elected President -- and for that I am happy, as I do not want another Jimmy Carter in the White House.

Nonetheless, I am troubled at Mitt Romney's lack of cognitive dissonance over campaigning about sending our boys in harm's way when not one of his sons has served.

That's right: He appears to be eager to send OTHER people's children into combat. After all, the Romney's are rich and elite and should not be expected to serve in such a menial capacity.

Even worse, as far as I can gather, NOT ONE of the Romney boys has served a day of his life in CIVILIAN Federal service, either.

Memo to Mitt Romney: Read the life of fellow Harvard man Teddy Roosevelt, who as a mature man, resigned his post as Secretary of the Navy to help lead the Roughriders up San Juan Hill.

But, then, I think TR was made of tougher -- and more patriotic -- stuff than Mitt Romeney.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Martinez Running Amok

Another blot on the Bush legacy is the mismatched appointment of (junior) quisling (on amnesty) Senator Mel Martinez (RINO-FL) to the position of chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Martinez shares Bush's Washington-elite-insider's view on amnesty and immigration -- a view that the Republican base recently repudiated in no uncertain terms.

Now that the candidates are responding (or, at least pretending to respond) to the wishes of the base during their pre-primary campaigns, Mr. Martinez has taken it upon hnimself to "correct" them.

This guy is very thickheaded. He is a Bush mistake along the lines of the ill-fated Harriet Miers nomination. The Martinez nomination has the marks of Rove's fingerprints on it. (Some genius!) He needs to be replaced -- YESTERDAY.

The Despicable Karen Hughes (Again) -- A Blot on Bush's Credibility on Matters Middle East

The despicable Karen Hughes, the Undersecretary of State for Dhimmitude is at it again. All the details are at lgf.

This is not a first-time offense for Bush-crony Hughes by any means -- she is a hard-core repeat-offender cozier up to unsavory Islamic personages on behalf of the President of the United States.

If anyone has any idea what credentials Hughes has for such a position, I would love to know what they are.

Regardless, she is a blot on American foreign policy and a blot on the Bush legacy.

If Bush had a clue, he would quickly and quietly retire her from her misadventure at State. (The operative word in the preceding sentence, sadly, is "If.")

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anti-Savage Vote Fails (by a Single Vote) in City of San Francisco Board of Supervisors Vote

Score one for Michael Savage.

One -- and ONLY one -- City of San Francisco Board of Advisors Member had the fortitude and moral courage to buck the anti-Michael Savage resolution floated by Progressive fascist Mr. Sandoval.

That ONE man was Ed Jew -- and Sandoval brutally excoriated him for his stand.

Kudos to Mr. Jew.

Execrations on thee, Mr. Sandoval.

Major Kudos to Michael Medved for Speaking up for Savage!

I will be the first to admit it -- I do not enjoy listening to Michael Medved (although I do listen -- he is too brilliant to be ignored). I will also admit that I criticize him in here without holding back.

But, today, I SALUE Mr. Michael Medved for COURAGEOUSLY STANDING up for Michael Savage during his time of need (having been under attack by the City of San Francisco).

Medved gets it: An attack on Savage IS an attack on Medved, and Limbaugh, and Ingraham, and Hewitt, etc, ad infinitum.

Medved sagely writes:
The whole impulse to control, to punish, to stifle reveals shows the totalitarian complexion of contemporary “progressive” thinking.

President Bush Spinal Tissue Growth Alert -- FINALLY Finds Backbone to Designate Iranian Revolutionary Guard "Terrorists"

I am not getting my hopes up too high, yet, as the Bush Administration, which has been incredibly timid and inert for months now (if not for years) in the face of the most outrageous affronts by the Iranians in areas almost too numerous to mention -- from financing Hezbollah and Hamas, to holding US citizens in Iran against their will, to -- and this is their most egregious offense -- effecting the deaths of US troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq via men, weapons, and training, President Bush has FINALLY shaken off his apparent disinclination to "do stuff" and has actually approved the official State Department categorization of the Iranian "Revolutionary Guards" as terrorists.

Very little. Very late, Mr. President.

My son is in Afghanistan busting his butt -- after busting his butt in Iraq not so long before that, and you are JUST NOW terming the Revolutionary Guard as terrorist?

Very little, very late.

But.... Better late than never!

Obama Getting Afghanistan War Intelligence Estimates from the .... Enemy??!!

Sometimes Obama says things that impress me (as in keeping an open mind about unilateral military action in Pakistan).

More often he dismays me, as in this story, where he claims that US policy in Afghanistan is characterized by our aircraft's bombing of villages and killing civilians.

What, Obama?

Hey, Obama, let me ask you:

1. Can you please name ONE war where NO civilians were killed?
2. How many civilians in Afghanistan do you suppose the Taliban are killing?
3. Do you know you have been suckered in by the Taliban's Number ONE weapon? That weapon is propaganda, where every Taliban warrior is upon the occasion of his death instantly transformed into an Afghan "civilian."
4. Do you know that one of the terrorists prime tactics is to run and hide among civilians in the knowledge that if we kill them, civilians will die, also. (Are you suggesting that we should permit them to hide among civilians unscathed?)

Update: Mitt Romney (who is NOT my favorite candidate) was clever enough to pick up on this Obama gaff and jump on it with both feet. Romney, as someone has pointed out, is a manager, not a leader. He would make a great Cabinet member -- maybe Secretary of DHS to clean up the wreckage of the Bush/Ridge/Chertoff axis of incompetence at DHS.

Dennis Prager on the Perverseness of the Democratic Party

We (as in the US) lose: They win.

What a (wicked and perverse) concept!

The Democratic Party is wrong on virtually EVERY major position.

It is NOT that the Republicans are that good (as they are not) -- it is, rather, that the Dems are so evil.

Olmert's "Sell-out Express" Keeps Chugging Along -- Plotting to Give up MORE Territory

Here is a story that reminds one of one definition of insanity -- continuing to do the same thing and hoping for different results: Israeli leader Olmert is reportedly plotting to return MORE hard-won Israeli land to Israel's sworn enemies in return for .... more empty "promises" of peace.

What a tool Olmert is . . . .

. . . . But WHOSE tool? Condi Rice's tool, perhaps. Only time will tell, but I do NOT trust Condi "Robust Truce" Rice when it comes to Israel.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Riddance to Amnesty Rove

Rove is gone. No tears here.

Michelle Malkin puts the right spin on it.

Young People Leaving Bible-Believing Churches in Droves

Not a good omen for the spiritual future of this country.

Granted: These young people are facing unprecedented levels of temptation. They need our prayers -- and our encouragement.

Good news: Many are also coming to the LORD, as well.

Taliban Pigs Release Two Female Christian Hostages -- Bush Sits on His Hands

The Taliban vermin who are holding the surviving Korean Christian hostages (after summarily murdering two of them) released two of the females today.

What pigs these captors are.

Why are the leaders of the free world sitting on their hands regarding this crisis?

San Fran Freako Leader Opposing the Blue Angels

Opposing Michael Savage is not enough for one day's work: The "City Fathers"(sic) of San Francisco are also busy opposing that great threat to our Constitutional Liberties -- the Blue Angels.... Huh?

Savage on Laws Sandoval Needs to Heed

Savage was ON FIRE on the radio today. He talked today with his attorney and here are some of the laws Mr. Sandoval needs to read and heed.

Savage was incensed that neither Rush Limbaugh nor Sean Hannity nor Bill O'Reilly nor many other putatively "conservative" talk radio hosts had not come to his defense on this issue.

Two exceptions mentioned today on the air were: Laura Ingraham (very gutsy lady) and Rusty Humphries (who also writes for WND) -- I say kudos on both for speaking out on their shows on behalf of Michael Savage.

I agree: When someone as bold and vocal as Savage is attacked in this manner, all talk radio hosts are in danger. I am calling on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, et al, to speak out on Michael Savage's behalf in his legal battle with the leadership of San Francisco.

The Neighborhood (in the MBL Dugout) Is Changing

I have seen this in my lifetime: The percentage of US blacks in Major League baseball has declined, while the percentage of Hispanics (black, brown, etc.) has skyrocketed.

Naturally, there is some resentment between black and Hispanic ball players as the "neighborhood" changes.

I remember the late 1950s and early 1960s -- pro football and basketball were NOTHING compared to Major League Baseball in the minds of all the kids I knew.

But then, there was a sea change: First pro football soared into prominence in the 1970s and then, in the 1980s and 1990s, pro basketball became the hottest game in town. Arguably no one was more affected by this shift in fortunes than young black athletes who opted for football and basketball in overwhelming numbers.

I love baseball. Black athletes are part of that tradition. Time to get little league and Legion ball teams going in the inner city. Also, now that many blacks are living in the suburbs, more effort needs to be made to recruit young black suburban kids to play little league, as well.

Not every young black athlete is a Michael Jordan or a Jim Brown. Some are Bob Gibsons, Ernie Bankses, or Frank Robinsons.

Saudi Music Video -- Not Bad (Except for the Repeated Obligatory Insertion of Praying Towards Mecca)

I like the song. The video is corny, but well done -- except for the obligatory (and REPETITIVE!) seens of guys praying to Mecca).

A review of the music video is here.

I would rather see Saudis gunning their motorcycles down the street than blowing up Iraqi children in market places.

Score one for the makers of the video.

Life in Modern Saudi Arabia

Interesting account about how girls in burkhas and abayas use their cell phones to text message guys and vice versa and other tales from the Desert Kingdom.

First openly distributed Saudi music video.

Subprime Crisis Is for Real Says Cramer

Cramer is a ham, but he has real blood and real feelings -- and he says the subprime crisis is for real.

Urban Killing Fields by Stanley Crouch

He is black. He is liberal. He (Stanley Crouch) nails it. (Caveat: But I am NOT calling for gun control, even if he is.)

Urban America is frightenintly violent. Those not shot, stabbed, or raped live in fear of it.

What Plans for a North American Union? (Wink, Wink; Nod, Nod)

So, old Jorge Bush was going to quiiiiiiiiiietly slip off to a super secret SPP (Read: NAU-prep) meeting in Quebec with his Canadian and Mexican NAU co-conspirators, but darned if old WND didn't -- via that pesky Freedom of Information Act (perhaps an itme on Jorge's list of things to ban via Executive Order before he leaves office?) -- let the cat out the bag.

Of course, if you are like Yale Graduate and obviously very bright talk radio host, Michael Medved, you KNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW that NO ONE in the Federal Government has even the SLIGHTEST NOTION of working toward the formation of a North American Union. ;-)

Shucks, even the neo-Marxist The Nation is wise to the implications of the Trans-Texas Corridor and what it means vis-a-vis NAFTA, etc.

Libertarian Vox Day urges forces on both the Left and Right to UNITE to oppose NAU efforts. I heartily concur.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Savage Vs. Sandoval -- The Plot Thickens

The legal battle shaping up between radio talk-show host Michael Savage and City of San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval seems to be shaping up nicely, with the recent offer of top attorney Daniel Horowitz to help Savage in this matter.

Another CAIR-Like Organization (ISNA) Tells Lies

It seems that CAIR and ISNA are birds of a feather.

HT to and more info at lgf.

Sickening: Woman Charged in India for Promoting Enmity…. (Read: She Made Muslims Angry – That’s a CRIME????!!!!)

This woman was shown ON FILM being reviled and ATTACKED by irate Muslims.... and now SHE is being charged with a crime.

India is a strange place.

HT to and more info on this story at lgf.

More on the Increasingly Unsavory CAIR

To know these guys at CAIR is to feel very uncomfortable about them. The more we know, the less comfortable we feel.

HT to and more info at lgf.

Let’s Hear the Other Side of This Story

Notice how -- when the story is about the alleged wrong-doing of a Christian pastor, Reuters is ALL OVER it, but so often when the story is about Muslim wrong-doing, they are far more hesitant, reserved, and respectful.

Pastor Flowers is well known and respected in the San Antonio area.

I will wait for his side of the story to come out before jumping to any conclusions.

Hilarious Video -- "And Bringing Cousins..."

Hilarious video about the Mexican invasion of the US -- made by Mexican Americans.

HT: The Jawa Report.

Ann Coulter on TNR and “The Baghdad Diarist”

I am not thrilled with this story as some are, but Coulter summarizes it as well as any.

The South Korean Hostage Crisis Continues: Korean and US Spinelessness Meets Religious Conviction

I get tired of reading about the utterly spineless approach of both the American and, particularly, the South Korean Governments to this crisis.

These are South Korea's finest -- and what is being done?

The MSM are silent on this issue: Kidnapped Christians are apparently not a story.

More from Howie.

Newt Gingrich Spells out the Seriousness of the Muslim Terrorists Vs. the Sleepwalking in the West

Very sobering interview. Very eye-opening.

HT: lgf poster sheikyermami.

70,000 Fanatical Muslims Converge on Jakarta for “Civic Education” (Riiiiiiiiighttt!!!)

Damn scary.

Trite talk about a "hijacked religion" won't cut it anymore.

Islam IS a problem in itself -- hijacked or not.

Ominous Developments in Israel – Hezbollah Appears to Be Preparing for War with Israel

Things are looking grim in Lebanon and Syria for Israel.

And Israel has an incompetent in charge and the American SecState looks to be a habitual Islamist-appeaser.

Experts Urge Congress to Stop Flouridation of Our Water

Now,if they could only persuade my dentist (who things flouridation of public waters supplies is a swell idea).

Abortionists’ Evil Ways

Why am I surprised at the evil of abortionists?

What they do for a living is evil to begin with.

Hindus Mimic Muslim Fanatics: Attacks on Christians in India on the Rise

It looks grim for Christians in India.

Hindus -- apparently bashed about by Muslims -- seem to be taking out their frustrations on Christians.

(Muslims fight back: Christians tend not to.)

Peter Beaumont: Shilling for the Jihadists


Charges Dropped againt Two Haditha Marines


Newsmax Tosses Softballs to Syria’s Ambassador to the UN


Michael Savage at War with One of the Leaders of the City of San FranFREAKO


Pakistan Leaked US Intel to the Taliban?

Sure seems like it.

More on this at lgf.

Idaho Republican Congressman Tells It Like It Is Regarding Religion in This Country – Gets Reviled by the Leftists

I love what Sali said.

Now, don't go out and start back-tracking, Mr. Sali!

Read Leftists gone wild here.

Link to Video of Violent Preaching in Underground Mosques in the UK

England is gone, unless -- as Michael Savage suggests -- the English soccer thugs rise up and take back their pilfered country.

Watch this video showing what REALLY goes on inside many mosques inside England -- and shudder.

“Big Love” Romney Style: Mitt’s Family Descends on Iowa

Romney had a lot of helpers in Iowa.

Funny: A LOT of them were named.... Romney, too.

Guess it worked: He won.

American Capital Financing the Chinese Police State

The guy was right: A sucker IS born every minute -- and a disproportionate number of them seem to be born as American backers of oppressive Communist regimes.

Williams: Are Climate Criminals Committing “Terracide?”

Walter Williams has one of the VERY BEST minds in the world when it comes to matters Constitutional and economic.

China Threatens Nuclear Option


Christian Mayor in Canada Refuses to Fly “Gay”(sic) Flag

Wow! Gutsy fellow -- and in Uber-Politically-Correct Canada, no less!

Wish we had a few good mayors like that down here.

Russian Bombers Buzz Guam

Just when we didn't need another international headache, Putin has taken it upon himself to revive the Cold War.

Of course, President Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw that he had a good heart.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhtttttttt, Mr. President!

All joking aside: Putin is a very dangerous man.

Insight into the Darfur Situation


Our Friends the Saudis: Bring Your Tourist Dollars – But NOT Your Bibles!

The Saudis want Americans to visit their country... but, please -- NO BIBLES or crucifixes!

The Saudis nauseate me.

Too bad our President is under the influence of bought-and-paid-for legal counselor to the Saudis, James Baker.

I have already heard both Giuliani and Gingrich in recent weeks say that they would deal differently than Bush with the Saudis.

More on the Chessani Charade

There is NO WAY IN HELL that LtCol Chessani should have to face charges and treatment like this.

Too bad President Bush and SecDef Gates lack the testosterone to call this investigation off.

It was rotten to the core from the beginning.

Michael Savage has made this issue a cause celebre and has raised a good deal of money to help Chessani's legal team.

One More Reason I Am Glad That I Voted for Kinky

One more reason not to trust Rick Perry.

Note: While I am NOT for electing a Dumbocrat to the office of Governor of Texas, but neither am I interested in voting for someone like Perry, who seems to be into the "internationalist" and "free trade" mind-sets.

Kinky is an Independent: I voted for him.

Yet Another Border Agent Prosecuted to Appease Mexican Government -- Wanted: A Leader with Spine in the White House

Question for Bush, Chertoff, and Sutton: Why do you give these guys guns if you are going to prosecute them seemingly every time they use them (for self-defense)?

Of course, if they went out without guns, they would be murdered left and right.

This is madness.

Policing Hebron -- Jew against Jew

More madness from Olmert's Government.

Does he do this to mollify Condi Rice's increasingly hostile demands? (I wonder.)

SD Firefighters to Sue City over Gay Parade Treatment

Michael Savage highlighted this story on one of his radio shows last week.

Very sad.

Why are such vile gatherings tolerated? A good deal of what goes on at these "Gay"(sic) Parades would get prosecuted if it were done by straight people.

Maxine Waters Is Right: Boycott the Beijing Games!

There has to be a first time for everything, and -- for the first time in my living memory -- I am in agreement with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) over her call for a US boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as a repudiation of China's support for Sudan despite Sudan's continued depradations in the Darfur region.

Gutsy move, Maxine -- VERY gutsy!

Apostate Lutherans Keep “Gay”(sic) Pastor (Probably No Rejoicing in Heaven over This)

Very sad.

My take: You can love homosexuality all you want -- just don't say it is conformity to Orthodox Christianity.

Oh, So There Is 'No Compulsion in Islam?' Try Telling THAT to Muhammad Hegazy

According to lgf's Charles Johnson, the WaPo and Newsweek have been running a series of articles by advocates of Islam purveying all sorts of caustic propaganda about the alleged 'Religion of Peace,' including the canard that there is no penalty for leaving Islam.

Well, as Charles Johnson points out, don't bother trying to sell that Brooklyn Bridge to Egyptian convert (from Islam) to Christianity, Muhammad Hegazy -- who was so bold as to announce his conversion to the Egyptian authorities.

Yep. You guessed it: Rather than 'no penalty,' it is more like 'hunting season' on Hegazy's hide -- who is apparently doing the Salman Rushdie hiding routine just to stay alive.

My response: Shame on Minnesota for voting a Muslim into the House of Representatives. Islam represents a cultural motif that is foreign to and disliked by the American people.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Once a World Power, England Now a Weak Sister about to Cut and Run from Iraq

Tony Blair was not as great as the media puffed him up to be, but -- in comparison to his weak successor -- he was a great leader.

Gordon Brown is a disaster: He is confirmation that Britain is not only no longer a world power, but that they are not even on our side any longer.

World powers don't cut and run: England is apparently planning on cutting and running in Iraq.

Moreover, Mr. Brown wants some serious terrorists released from Gitmo and returned to England, where they can live to help the terrorists once again.

Very discouraging.

A Link to an Important Film Debunking the Global Warming Fanatics

Here is a link to a must-see film debunking the froth-mouthed assertions of the Global Warming activists who are intent on forcing us to bend to their will. (Read: The want to force us to bow to their totalitarian demands that we feel guilty for having -- or even surrender -- our cars, our central heating, etc.)

HT: Jawa Report

Price of Ammo Going Up

It appears to be primarily a matter of supply and demand -- or so we are told.

A Brutal Connecticut Murder Convinces Newspaper Editor: The "Gun Nuts" Have Been Right All Along

A recent brutal murder in Connecticut has convinced the editor of a newspaper that the "gun nuts" are right after all.

The piece is pretty good, but I disagree with the assertion that no one should be permitted to own guns who does not know how to use them. This again is a plain abridgement of our Second Amendment Rights.

It is possible to have a weapon as a family heirloom and not know how to use it. Why should this not be legal.

Or, if a woman inherits guns from her deceased husband, father, brother, or son, should she be prohibited from receiving them if she has never fired a gun before in her life? Obviously not.

Still this piece shows that a brutal murder can cause a liberal to rethink his/her position on banning guns.

The editor's point? Guns may have been able to prevent these murders.

HT: Michael Savage

Most Murder Victims Are Black....., But No Mention of Who Is Doing the Murdering....

A very interesting news item explains that black Americans make up a disproportionately large number of the percentage of murder victims in the United States.

I have no doubt that this is true.

However, NOWHERE in the story is there ANY mention of the PERPETRATORS of all these murders.

My suspicion? That blacks ALSO make up a disproportionately high percentage of those pulling the trigger, jabbing the knife, etc, when all those murders are committed.

My point? Black Americans are their own worse enemies in many instances.

Caveat: There has been a reported increase of violence against blacks by Hispanic gang members. This must be stopped, as well. Many of those Hispanic gang members are here illegally. Hello, Mr. Chertoff?

California Physicians Advocates Killing of Animal Researchers

There is a surgeon in California who is an animal rights advocate. Although he is not killing anyone, yet, he is openly recommending the murder of scientists who perform experiments on animals.

I say to the surgeon: If you are a militant animal rights activist, move to India: There they let cows roam the streets and the rats eat the grain piles.

On the other hand, if you stay, perhaps you had better be careful lest you start some kind of civil war: The meat-eating, gun-owners against the animal rights commies. I think I know who would win. ;-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Note to Bush/Rice from Those with a Clue: Doing Nothing to Iran for Killing Our Troops Is What Makes Your War PHONY!

I am livid! I have had it with Bush and Rice sitting by dumbly sucking their thumbs while Iran (with China's help) brazenly kills our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Either we are fighting a war, Mr President & Ms Secretary or we are not, and letting something as artificial as a boundary line between Iraq and Iran (a border that means NOTHING to the Iranians) stop you from responding to the Iranians for killing our boys DAY AFTER DAY with high-tech, lethal explosives supplied to ALL TAKERS in Iraq (and Afghanistan) is the HEIGHT -- not only of moral obtuseness and ineptitude -- it is also cowardly in the extreme.

This is no doubt the kind of thing that drives Newt Gingrich to dub your erstwhile Global War on Terror a "Phony War."

It is a war that has no cohesion: We allow the Taliban to kidnap Korean Christians in Afghanistan without consequences; we allow Syria and Saudi Arabia to pump men, money, and supplies into Iraq without blinking an eye; we permit China to ship weapons to Iran without doing anything; we pat the British on the back as allies, even as they quietly slip out the back door in Southern Iraq (what British troops? a measly 5,000 down from 40,000?); we permit the NYT and the WaPo to expose secret programs without prosecuting them (even though you allowed both Ramos and Compean and Libby to be prosecuted for something far less damaging to our country); we apologize abjectly for small breaches of etiquette at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo; and -- worst of all -- we are permitting Iran to thumb their noses at us while killing our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. President and Ms. Secretary: Are you in this thing to win or not? Are we playing for keeps or not? Are we trying to fight this war in a PC manner or like people who mean business.

As the father of a soldier I am NOT a neutral observer: I am FURIOUS!

Mr. President and Ms. Secretary: You started this war and I support you in that move. But, now -- may I suggest? -- it is time to STEP UP and DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN IT!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Memo to President Bush and SecState Rice: What Are You Waiting for? (Rescue the Korean Hostages in Afghanistan!)

Michelle Malkin aptly calls them the Christian martyrs no one cares about.

I am of course talking about the (remaining 20-or-so) South Korean Christian missionaries to Afghanistan held hostage by the bloodthirsty Taliban.

Two of the hostages have already been shot to death. The Taliban threaten to do more of the same.

The Afghan Government appears to be engaged in some very half-hearted negotiations.

There have been rumors of a planned rescue attempt.

My question to President Bush and Secretary Rice -- as well as to the President of South Korea: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO CARRY OUT A RESCUE OPERATION?

Why do we have Special Forces (both American and South Korean)?

Why the inaction and apathy? Because the hostages are Christians?

Why does putting a copy of the Qur'an in the toilet generate more concern in the media and in Washington than the cold-blooded kidnapping and murder of Christian hostages -- hostages whom the Taliban specifically SAY they are holding BECAUSE they are guilty of the CRIME of BEING a Christian.

If one objects that the operation may result in the deaths of some or all of the hostages, we will have not wasted the effort -- as they are all under the sentence of death as it is!

I am disgusted by the inacation and lethargy shown by our President thus far on this issue. That goes for Members of Congress and the media, as well -- including radio talk show hosts.

Mr. President, I appeal to you: RESCUE THESE HOSTAGES NOW!

In the meantime I will continue to pray for them.

Much more from Michelle Malkin here.

David Warren Wonders: Is It Now Okay for US to Win in Iraq?

Insightful Canadian columnist David Warren makes some probing observations about Iraq.

Perhaps things just may be turning around in Iraq for the US?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Latest on Pace University Thought-Crime Jihad

I have already posted on this important issue.

Charles Johnson at lgf has much more on this situation, including some useful links.

(Atheist) Hitchens Asks: Why Are We So Scared (of Offending Muslims)?

In connection with the Pace University Qur'an-Dunking absurd "hate crime" prosecution, the atheist Christopher Hitchens wonders just why we are SOOOOOOOOOO afraid of "offending" Muslims....

Very good question.

HT: lgf.
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