Monday, August 13, 2007

What Plans for a North American Union? (Wink, Wink; Nod, Nod)

So, old Jorge Bush was going to quiiiiiiiiiietly slip off to a super secret SPP (Read: NAU-prep) meeting in Quebec with his Canadian and Mexican NAU co-conspirators, but darned if old WND didn't -- via that pesky Freedom of Information Act (perhaps an itme on Jorge's list of things to ban via Executive Order before he leaves office?) -- let the cat out the bag.

Of course, if you are like Yale Graduate and obviously very bright talk radio host, Michael Medved, you KNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW that NO ONE in the Federal Government has even the SLIGHTEST NOTION of working toward the formation of a North American Union. ;-)

Shucks, even the neo-Marxist The Nation is wise to the implications of the Trans-Texas Corridor and what it means vis-a-vis NAFTA, etc.

Libertarian Vox Day urges forces on both the Left and Right to UNITE to oppose NAU efforts. I heartily concur.


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