Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Brutal Connecticut Murder Convinces Newspaper Editor: The "Gun Nuts" Have Been Right All Along

A recent brutal murder in Connecticut has convinced the editor of a newspaper that the "gun nuts" are right after all.

The piece is pretty good, but I disagree with the assertion that no one should be permitted to own guns who does not know how to use them. This again is a plain abridgement of our Second Amendment Rights.

It is possible to have a weapon as a family heirloom and not know how to use it. Why should this not be legal.

Or, if a woman inherits guns from her deceased husband, father, brother, or son, should she be prohibited from receiving them if she has never fired a gun before in her life? Obviously not.

Still this piece shows that a brutal murder can cause a liberal to rethink his/her position on banning guns.

The editor's point? Guns may have been able to prevent these murders.

HT: Michael Savage


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