Tuesday, August 14, 2007

President Bush Spinal Tissue Growth Alert -- FINALLY Finds Backbone to Designate Iranian Revolutionary Guard "Terrorists"

I am not getting my hopes up too high, yet, as the Bush Administration, which has been incredibly timid and inert for months now (if not for years) in the face of the most outrageous affronts by the Iranians in areas almost too numerous to mention -- from financing Hezbollah and Hamas, to holding US citizens in Iran against their will, to -- and this is their most egregious offense -- effecting the deaths of US troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq via men, weapons, and training, President Bush has FINALLY shaken off his apparent disinclination to "do stuff" and has actually approved the official State Department categorization of the Iranian "Revolutionary Guards" as terrorists.

Very little. Very late, Mr. President.

My son is in Afghanistan busting his butt -- after busting his butt in Iraq not so long before that, and you are JUST NOW terming the Revolutionary Guard as terrorist?

Very little, very late.

But.... Better late than never!


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