Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh, So There Is 'No Compulsion in Islam?' Try Telling THAT to Muhammad Hegazy

According to lgf's Charles Johnson, the WaPo and Newsweek have been running a series of articles by advocates of Islam purveying all sorts of caustic propaganda about the alleged 'Religion of Peace,' including the canard that there is no penalty for leaving Islam.

Well, as Charles Johnson points out, don't bother trying to sell that Brooklyn Bridge to Egyptian convert (from Islam) to Christianity, Muhammad Hegazy -- who was so bold as to announce his conversion to the Egyptian authorities.

Yep. You guessed it: Rather than 'no penalty,' it is more like 'hunting season' on Hegazy's hide -- who is apparently doing the Salman Rushdie hiding routine just to stay alive.

My response: Shame on Minnesota for voting a Muslim into the House of Representatives. Islam represents a cultural motif that is foreign to and disliked by the American people.


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