Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Obama Getting Afghanistan War Intelligence Estimates from the .... Enemy??!!

Sometimes Obama says things that impress me (as in keeping an open mind about unilateral military action in Pakistan).

More often he dismays me, as in this story, where he claims that US policy in Afghanistan is characterized by our aircraft's bombing of villages and killing civilians.

What, Obama?

Hey, Obama, let me ask you:

1. Can you please name ONE war where NO civilians were killed?
2. How many civilians in Afghanistan do you suppose the Taliban are killing?
3. Do you know you have been suckered in by the Taliban's Number ONE weapon? That weapon is propaganda, where every Taliban warrior is upon the occasion of his death instantly transformed into an Afghan "civilian."
4. Do you know that one of the terrorists prime tactics is to run and hide among civilians in the knowledge that if we kill them, civilians will die, also. (Are you suggesting that we should permit them to hide among civilians unscathed?)

Update: Mitt Romney (who is NOT my favorite candidate) was clever enough to pick up on this Obama gaff and jump on it with both feet. Romney, as someone has pointed out, is a manager, not a leader. He would make a great Cabinet member -- maybe Secretary of DHS to clean up the wreckage of the Bush/Ridge/Chertoff axis of incompetence at DHS.


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