Thursday, August 02, 2007

Memo to President Bush and SecState Rice: What Are You Waiting for? (Rescue the Korean Hostages in Afghanistan!)

Michelle Malkin aptly calls them the Christian martyrs no one cares about.

I am of course talking about the (remaining 20-or-so) South Korean Christian missionaries to Afghanistan held hostage by the bloodthirsty Taliban.

Two of the hostages have already been shot to death. The Taliban threaten to do more of the same.

The Afghan Government appears to be engaged in some very half-hearted negotiations.

There have been rumors of a planned rescue attempt.

My question to President Bush and Secretary Rice -- as well as to the President of South Korea: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO CARRY OUT A RESCUE OPERATION?

Why do we have Special Forces (both American and South Korean)?

Why the inaction and apathy? Because the hostages are Christians?

Why does putting a copy of the Qur'an in the toilet generate more concern in the media and in Washington than the cold-blooded kidnapping and murder of Christian hostages -- hostages whom the Taliban specifically SAY they are holding BECAUSE they are guilty of the CRIME of BEING a Christian.

If one objects that the operation may result in the deaths of some or all of the hostages, we will have not wasted the effort -- as they are all under the sentence of death as it is!

I am disgusted by the inacation and lethargy shown by our President thus far on this issue. That goes for Members of Congress and the media, as well -- including radio talk show hosts.

Mr. President, I appeal to you: RESCUE THESE HOSTAGES NOW!

In the meantime I will continue to pray for them.

Much more from Michelle Malkin here.


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