Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Note to Bush/Rice from Those with a Clue: Doing Nothing to Iran for Killing Our Troops Is What Makes Your War PHONY!

I am livid! I have had it with Bush and Rice sitting by dumbly sucking their thumbs while Iran (with China's help) brazenly kills our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Either we are fighting a war, Mr President & Ms Secretary or we are not, and letting something as artificial as a boundary line between Iraq and Iran (a border that means NOTHING to the Iranians) stop you from responding to the Iranians for killing our boys DAY AFTER DAY with high-tech, lethal explosives supplied to ALL TAKERS in Iraq (and Afghanistan) is the HEIGHT -- not only of moral obtuseness and ineptitude -- it is also cowardly in the extreme.

This is no doubt the kind of thing that drives Newt Gingrich to dub your erstwhile Global War on Terror a "Phony War."

It is a war that has no cohesion: We allow the Taliban to kidnap Korean Christians in Afghanistan without consequences; we allow Syria and Saudi Arabia to pump men, money, and supplies into Iraq without blinking an eye; we permit China to ship weapons to Iran without doing anything; we pat the British on the back as allies, even as they quietly slip out the back door in Southern Iraq (what British troops? a measly 5,000 down from 40,000?); we permit the NYT and the WaPo to expose secret programs without prosecuting them (even though you allowed both Ramos and Compean and Libby to be prosecuted for something far less damaging to our country); we apologize abjectly for small breaches of etiquette at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo; and -- worst of all -- we are permitting Iran to thumb their noses at us while killing our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. President and Ms. Secretary: Are you in this thing to win or not? Are we playing for keeps or not? Are we trying to fight this war in a PC manner or like people who mean business.

As the father of a soldier I am NOT a neutral observer: I am FURIOUS!

Mr. President and Ms. Secretary: You started this war and I support you in that move. But, now -- may I suggest? -- it is time to STEP UP and DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN IT!



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