Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Steyn at His Telling Best

Steyn at His Telling Best:  Racism Bad -- So Is Self-Delusion

Tired of blonde Scandinavian and Australian women in the media apologizing for the Muslim men who rape their other Scandinavian and Australian women ?  Tired of the MSM hacks whitewashing the violence of Muslim thugs in Paris burning cars as if they were so many pieces of firewood?  Tired of AP and BBC neglecting to mention that the cutthroats who blow people to bits in Bali, Beslan, and Jerusalem are MUSLIMS (let alone terrorists)?

Well, you are not alone.  In fact, you are in good company with none other than the inimitable Mark Steyn, whose piece linked to here is nothing short of devastating in the way it highlights the dangerous and cowardly self-delusion in the West that allows us to excuse EXPLICITLY Muslim violence in the name of whatever.

Hey, even President Bush takes a very childish approach to describing our enemies who have killed over 2,100 Americans!

You would think that BY NOW the President could have screwed up enough courage to be regularly calling our enemies what they are – ruthless, cutthroat Islamofasists!


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