Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Wake-Up Call on Illegal Immigration

A Wake-Up Call on Illegal Immigration

Time to blow the whistle on illegal immigration.

Read this piece about how blacks are being squeezed out of South Central Los Angeles by homeowners that put FIVE Mexican families in ONE house!

As Michael Savage says, President Bush fiddles (on illegal immigration) while American burns.

The lack of immigration control in this country is an outrage and a scandal.

But Bush is oblivious.  (Hey, they aren’t cutting through my ranch in Crawford!0

No, Mr. President, but they are going AROUND it!


Blogger LuckySingaporean said...

Took a quick look at your blog. Coming from a country where one quarter of the population consists of foreigner and exposed to multi-religions, mult-racial environment all my life, I have a different view of what is expressed in this blog.

The results of a well integrated migrant population is highly positive - it creates vitality and vibrancy in a nation and society. Efforts to integrate a migrants can be highly successful and worthwhile. The people of USA were in a sense all migrants anyway.

Closing doors is not the answer. Integration is. Many govt do badly as we have seen in France & Australia recently because the govt neglected the immigrants resulting in them living in enclaves and poverty. There are 2 paths to take, close your door to immigration or proactive integration. Closing doors is a step backwards in a globalised world is the equivalent of not going to school because you fear failing the exams.

Sat Dec 17, 06:43:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi lucky singaporean! Thank you for your visit and your comment. I believe you are missing something in my argument. What you are missing is that the US is being flooded with UNCONTROLLED, ILLEGAL immigrants, who include criminal and subversive elements. I am certain that Singapore controls immigration -- I am calling for us to do the same. However, in order to control the illegal flood, we must first CLOSE the borders. By definition, only when we control the borders can we control immigration. We MAY have to stop ALL immigration for a time in order to bring order out of chaos. But, yes, you are correct, immigration is a good thing, if controlled and lawful and well administrated. On that score, I challenge you or anyone to show where I have ever said unequivocally that all immigration is bad -- and for that, I must chide with you for miscontruing my blog and missing my point. -- gunjam

Sat Dec 17, 09:02:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Jo C said...

Sadly to many like luckysinaporean miss the point. Not many are against immigration and actually understand the reason for some illegal immigration. What is wrong is when American workers are displaced for cheaper labor, with business making bigger profits.
Then for supporters of illegals to claim illegals are necessary for the economy is a con created by business and illegals. Americans cant’ work jobs that can’t support their families and when you overwhelm an industry with cheaper wages, it forces Americans out. (Meat packers late 1980 almost $19. hr., now less than half). These jobs once employed a diverse work force, white, black, and other immigrants, now only illegal Hispanic.
Plus embedding Spanish as a requirement for work excludes many legal Americans and hinders even worse, those immigrants from non-Spanish speaking countries, who already are struggling to learn English, now will have to add Spanish.
Also rewarding one group of people who break laws, while all others immigrant and citizen alike have to obey them or pay fines, even jail is completely wrong. No immigrant group in history has had such favorite treatment.
It’s this favorite treatment giving to a people and government (Mexico) that have a well-constructed plan all for their own gain. Adding insult to injury they claim victim and call those who would like a slow down even stoppage for a time, so a real study of cost and resulting cultural changes can be done, we are called racist, bigot, or ignorant.
Again all this is hardly in the spirit of diversity, and we have a right to ask questions!

Sat Dec 17, 10:59:00 PM PST  
Blogger LuckySingaporean said...

If you guys are ONLY against ILLEGAL immigration & not all forms of immigration, I've no problem with it....I apologise if I've misinterpreted your blog.

Singapore has very strict laws on ILLEGAL immigration including hefty fines and jail for those who hire these illegals. These laws are enforced. Since Singapore has a very open policy towards foreign workers, the only reason to hire illegals to to avoid paying a levy that the govt imposes. An employer can bring in foreign workers without much hassle.

Even though Singapore has such strict laws and a police force that operates with high addition to the fact that we are an ISLAND, there are illegals here. Many from mainland china who come as tourists and disappear when their tours start. The govt started to fine tour agencies for "losing tourists" to contain the problem.

Singapore is a country where civil liberties are set aside for practical reasons - every citizen has to carry with him identification papers. They can bring you to the police station and interrogate you if you are unable to present those papers.

USA is a big country with huge borders with its neighbors. People can come as tourists and disappear into the big country. If the illegals come and do nothing but spend their time in an apartment watching TV, they are harmless.

The problems occur if :

1. They work illegally as cheap labor undercutting the legitimate workforce.

2. They engage in criminal activities.

One solution for (1) is to adopt a liberal policy for foreign workers so they can work legally in America easily - this however will still result in undercutting the American workforce. The other solution is to make it illegal to hire illegals. This might drive illegals towards criminal activities if they can't find work. The last solution is to try to catch these illegals, to do this requires the citizens of America to forego the civil liberties such as allowing the police to demand identification papers and search homes.

Sun Dec 18, 05:42:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi jo c! Thanks for the visit and great post! You obviously get it.

If we did not have a war on, I would be calling for President Bush's impeachment for his dereliction of his SWORN duty to defend the Constitution. Guess what his FIRST responsibility is? To defend our borders...

Instead, the President (as talk show host Michael Savage says) while America burns. Savage says we are being destroyed by an illegal flood of aliens -- and we are.

Your comment makes SEVERAL great points. The requirement to know Spanish to work somewhere should be declared ILLEGAL.

The President mouths such inanities as "family values don't stop at the border" as a JUSTIFICATION for those LAW-BREAKERS who cross our borders illegally.

For those who say the President is smart, this is the absolute STUPIDEST statement I have EVER heard from ANY president! Hey, Mr. President, do you justify the coyotes and the drug dealers the same way? Most of them have families, too!

I say: If it is okay for some to break one law (legal immigration processes) to support their families, then it is all right for the REST of us to break a law of OUR own choosing to support OUR families. Some may prefer shoplifting; others, illicit sex businesses; others internet scams; and so forth. Hey, if it is all done in the name of "Family Values," who can gainsay us?

In sum, President Bush and the entire Washington political establishment -- which includes both political parties -- are contributing to an egregious undermining of the Rule of Law with their justifications (whether active or passive) for illegal immigration.

I have ZERO respect for a Government which actively gives FEDERAL home loans to KNOWN illegals and then PROSECUTES average Americans for not paying every dime on their taxes. -- gunjam

Sun Dec 18, 12:02:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, lucky singaporean! Thank you for your post! I accept your apology! Hey, I misconstrued YOUR blog, as well!

I think by this last post of yours that it is clear that we are not as far apart on the issue of immigration as we may have previously thought.

Thank you for more fully explaining the policies and conditions in Singapore as pertains to both legal and illegal immigration.

I think it is a fact of the modern world that any country with a better economy than its neighbors will suffer from attempts to enter that country illegally. The account you gave of Chinese tourists "getting lost" is quite illuminating.

The one point on which you and I disagree, perhaps, is your ready willingness to sacrifice your civil rights in order to enforce immigration laws. Indeed, there are those in the US Congress who are proposing similar measures here as you say are being used in Singapore (ID cards, etc). I, for one, do not believe the Government should use the occasion of a crisis of their own creation as a pretext to punish lawful citizens by curtailing their liberties.

Additionally, you are correct in your analysis of the harm that illegals do the economy with regard to the market forces and employment conditions, etc.

Perhaps you are not as aware of many of the more subtle -- though no less deleterious -- harms brought by burgeoning illegal immigration in this country: (1) schools are overcrowded with students whose (illegal) parents pay no taxes to support the schools; (2) hospital emergency rooms are overcrowded with impoverished and uninsured illegals, who pay nothing for their care, thereby driving UP the costs of medical care and medical insurance for the rest of us; (3) auto insurance rates are driven artificially high to pay for the UNINSURED illegals who drive and who also get into accidents; and (4) our prisons are overcrowded with illegals who have been arrested, tried, and convicted of illegal behavior -- including rape and murder.

In short, illegal immigration is destroying our country, and our leaders in BOTH major parties are at fault.

A house-cleaning in Washington is clearly called for. -- gunjam

Sun Dec 18, 12:18:00 PM PST  
Blogger LuckySingaporean said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sun Dec 18, 01:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger LuckySingaporean said...

You said. "I, for one, do not believe the Government should use the occasion of a crisis of their own creation as a pretext to punish lawful citizens by curtailing their liberties."

America is too kind. Americans tries to do everything right.

I don't like the ID card I've to carry but the Singapore govt is very practical, it solves problems very directly and effectively.

I've been to California and stayed there (legally) for a period I saw that there are many who have decided to seek a better life by crossing over the border (legally or illegally). America is a kind country, its hospitals does not turn away the ill because they are illegal or have no money. I'm sure at some point the resources will be strained and drained.

The problem seems intractable because of the size. The bigger it gets the more irreversible it becomes. Is America a country of great humanitarian values going to clampdown and send all these people back??

Singapore had an experience of allowing Vietnamese refugees land on our shores and they were allowed to camp in a designated area until Western countries allow them to immigrate. Singapore is a small country and our govt not so kind especially to poor folks. It was suppose to be for a few months. The refugees ended up staying for decade in a very sad state....our churches and charities had to step in to help these poor folks cope because our govt refused to barge. Eventually Australia and some other countries took them in out of pity.

The moral of the story is the SIngapore govt is able to solve a number of problems involving immigrants and illegals because it is TOUGH and HEARTLESS. The Singapore govt will does things in a way that will never be acceptable to the American public. Will the Americans allow their govt to catch these illegals who have settled to a somewhat "decent" life in America and send them back to abject poverty?

Americans are different from Singaporeans. We hang people who traffic drugs to solve our drug problems. It is brutally effective. We hang more people than the whole of America every year to keep our crime rates down. I can going to any part of Singapore at anytime and not worry abt getting mugged. I've not experienced a single crime in my 40 years of living in Singapore - my pockets have never been picked nothing has ever been stolen from me.

During the outbreak of infectious SARS, the govt quarantine hundreds of people and installed video system in their homes to enforce the quarantine. It jail one person who broke his quarantine. Civil liberties traded for Security. Nobody in Singapore raise a single bit of opposition to that.

To get security we traded away our civil liberties. I realise having lived in America that it is a real trade-off, you can't have both.

Sun Dec 18, 01:44:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, lucky! Thank you, once again, for yet another spot-on post! Your post plainly and honestly lays it out for all to see. You take a side that many of our leaders want -- trading liberties for security.

I hope always to remain on the other side of that debate.

One of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, said the he who is willing to trade a little liberty for security is worthy of neither. And I agree.

Having said that, I also agree with you that our country needs to be MUCH tougher in its dealings with crime and criminals -- particularly the crime of illegal immigration.

The questions you raise are the VERY ones that we are debating now: Do we give amnesty to the illegals already here? Or, do we round them up and send them back?

I say: Round them up and send them back. There has to be a border somewhere. The borders must be enforced at some point. If we keep playing the "let them in and then give them amnesty every 10 years" game then we are never going to control our borders.

The way your Government treated the VietNamese refugees was despicable.

However, when I was in the US military years ago, I was stationed for a time in Okinawa. There I saw that the Japanese treated the VietNamese refugees in much the same manner that your Government did. It was primarily the American Christians from the bases on Okinawa who went and visited these poor folks until, I believe, the Australians apparently took them in.

Bottom line: You think like a Singaporean. I think like an American. But, we are both thinking!

Sun Dec 18, 01:54:00 PM PST  

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