Sunday, December 18, 2005

Brown Supremacists Lobby for Unrestricted Illegal Immigration

Brown Supremacists Lobby for Unrestricted Illegal Immigration

One aspect of the debate on illegal immigration and how to deal with it that I have largely neglected is the fact that there are both Mexicans, as well as Americans of Mexican ancestry, who are militantly defending and pushing for unrestricted illegal immigration from Mexico.

Many of these activists are actually flagrant RACISTS, who talk blithely of LA RAZA (Spanish for – not “a” race, but for – “THE RACE”), meaning that the only race that matters to them is their own brown race, which – aside from the fact that their racism is just as tawdry and egregious as that of Hitler or the Ku Klux Klan – is equally flawed in its logic, as – if any one knows anything about Mexico – they are very racially mixed with American Indian, Spanish, and other bloodlines.  So, what race is it, exactly, that they are talking about?  Hey, Vicente Fox is part Irish, does he qualify for La Raza – or does he get DQed for having too much “gringo” blood in him?

So blatant is this racism that the national radical Mexican separatist group MEChA has a Spanish slogan, that being interpreted means approximately: “For La Raza, everything; for those outside La Raza, NOTHING!”  So, it is not racism, per se, that they oppose, simply any racism that does not allow them to be the arbiters of justice.

I have personally seen this organization (MEChA) being permitted to recruit members along with regular fraternities on the main campus of UTSA (The University of Texas at San Antonio).  I wonder if the President of UTSA would also permit a white racist group to recruit on campus?  Hmmm.  I don’t think so.  

Hey!  Do you suppose UTSA’s Prez – who sports a link to an ACLU Award video on his President’s Web page on the official UTSA Web site is “down” with the brown supremacist views of MEChA?  He does list the New York Times as one of his favorite Web sites.  Sounds like a real red-blooded Patriot, doesn’t he?

Anyway, if you want to see a Web site run by an America-hating, brown supremacist racist living in the great State of Texas, please visit Dos Centavos blog, although – unlike this blog – it appears that its creator does not permit comments.  (Typical Marxist “freedom of speech!”).

You see, many of these America-haters want a large portion of the Southwestern US to secede from America to form a racist, brown-supremacist, country called Aztlan.  

The funny thing is, the minute someone lets a white racist out of his closet, everyone goes ballistic (which is fine), but when a non-white racist starts pushing his propaganda, everyone seems to turn a blind eye.

If you are not white – but also not Hispanic – then you have reason to be alarmed, as well.  If these brown, Spanish-hablaing racists get their way, they will not be much nicer to blacks and Asians than they are to whites.  Already I have read of disrespect shown by Hispanics to both Asians and blacks in California, where, although there is at present in that state no racial majority, an ever increasing share of the political power is held by Hispanics, many of whom are sympathetic to the secessionist goals of the brown supremacists.  They are not lobbying for unrestricted illegal immigration from Africa or Asia – only from Mexico and/or Latin America.  Remember, they are blatantly racist in their aims:  They are BROWN SUPREMACISTS – every bit as racist as Adolph Hitler was.

In closing, let me make it clear that these brown supremacists HARDLY speak for all Americans of Mexican or other Latino descent.  Of course, most Americans of Latino descent are decent, patriotic, hard-working people.  Many of them are strong Christians.  Many serve with distinction in our Armed Forces – especially now during the War on Terror.

In NO WAY am I in ANY way disparaging ANY Patriotic, America-loving Americans of Mexican (or other Latino) descent.  I salute them and love them.  May their tribe increase!

My opposition is directed specifically at those Americans of Mexican descent who hate America, and want to impose their own peculiar brand of brown supremacist racism on the rest of us.  These kooks need to be exposed and outed and removed from political power.

If you would like to contact Dr. Ricardo Romo, the President of UTSA, to tell him what you think of his permitting a racist organization such as MEChA to recruit and function openly on his university’s two campuses, here is his contact information:

Mailing Address

President's Office
The University of Texas at San Antonio
6900 N. Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249

Email address:

University Telephone Operator:  (210) 458-4011.

One other important thing about these brown racists that deserves mention is something that they NEVER seem to mention: Namely that the country of Mexico is such social, economic, and political stinkhole.  Nowhere do I hear the brown supremacists calling for Mexico to clean up its act.  No!  According to these La Raza racists, America is apparently supposed to be the safety valve and overflow tank for whatever people Mexico cannot feed, house, or employ adequately.  So, instead of criticizing the SOURCE of the problem (Mexico), they trash the one country that has done the MOST to help Mexico to survive by taking in millions of its unemployed citizens (many of them illegally).  


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