Sunday, December 18, 2005

While Fighting Terrorists in Iraq and Elsewhere: Let’s Not Forget about China!

While Fighting Terrorists in Iraq and Elsewhere:  Let’s Not Forget about China!

This weekend I stumbled across some disturbing news items about our enemy, Red China.  (Off-Topic Question: Why does Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) get a free “media scrutiny” pass while being married to a man who is heavily involved in business deals in Red China?  Doesn’t this call for an investigation, a la Tom Delay?)

Back to the topic at hand . . . .  It has been stated elsewhere that official Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army) doctrine calls the United States its enemy.  Experts suspect that a major confrontation between the United States and China might occur sometime between now and 2012 – depending on whether appeasers or patriots occupy the White House at the time.)

While we are busy fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, China is racing toward superpower status on three fronts: Economics; an alarming military build-up; and diplomacy.

On the economic front, China has already conquered the United States, thanks to greedy, selfish, unpatriotic businessmen (including Senator Feinstein’s very wealthy husband) who gladly buy cheap Chinese goods made by slave labor and import them to the United States, thereby undermining US industries.  

On the military, front, China is again working on at least four fronts: Buying weapons systems (or technology applicable to such weapons systems) from Russia and elsewhere (to include the United States); stealing US technology using its numerous spies in this country; preparing for a cyber war by hacking our military computer systems; and building its own fearsome new weapons systems, to include potent missiles.

On the diplomatic front, China is working hard to win and/or buy influence around the world – including in Asia, South America, and Africa.  One particularly disturbing trend is China’s willingness to crassly “buy” friendship in Africa by making goods readily available at a cheap price and by building infrastructure in impoverished African countries such as Ivory Coast and Senegal, as this ABC news report reveals.  

China is acting very cleverly, propping up corrupt African leaders desperate for help and winning the rights to search for and exploit potential oil reserves in these African countries.  

In China’s case, the proverbial inscrutable Asian mind is doing its diabolical best to set China up for victory on the chessboard of world power.  Is anyone in the Bush Administration (or in Dianne Feinstein’s Congress, for that matter) even alive to what is happening?  

Let’s hope so.

Remember: The Islamofascists and the Chinese are de facto allies, as they both want to defeat America.


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