Sunday, December 18, 2005

Black History Month Scored by Actor Morgan Freeman (Or: Quit Harping on the Racism Issue!)

Black History Month Scored by Actor Morgan Freeman (Or:  Quit Harping on the Racism Issue!)

Having served in the military for a number of years in days gone by, I saw the annual observation of “Black History Month” – as well as “Hispanic Heritage Month” and “Asia-Pacific Heritage.”  It all seemed to be such a needless and wearisome exercise to me.  People in the military have plenty to do without having such artificial activities thrust upon them!

I never liked these “ethnicity month” emphases, as they seemed contrived at best and divisive at worst.  Liberals seem to have this “fetish” about race: They HAVE to KEEP harping on it.  Like a wound with a scab on it, some things are best left alone and permitted to heal – and one of those things is racial tension.  Left to themselves, in most cases, people work t things out.  Where I currently work, Americans of African, Latino, Asian, and European heritage somehow manage to intermingle and cooperate daily just like it was “normal.”  After awhile, one tends to see his coworkers as “Jack” or “Sarah” -- not as “that black guy,” or “that Latino lady.”  Where there are disagreements, race is not the issue, the work-related issues at hand are the issue.

I was gratified to hear that the actor, Morgan Freeman, recently criticized the concept of “Black History Month” as “ridiculous,” while also suggesting that the best thing to do about racism is to “Stop talking about it!”  (Uh-oh:  Jesse Jackson, call your office!)

Actually, that sounds like something we should try, even if it does mean putting professional race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of work!

Freeman’s remarks seem to come as oil on troubled waters after all the “racism” talk that came during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  After all the remarks that blacks were targeted and/or neglected, etc, etc, it is instructive to note that figures recently released show that (surprise, surprise) Katrina killed across racial and economic lines!  Moreover, as Kevin McCullough points out, as a percentage of total population, it was whites – and not blacks – that suffered the highest Katrina fatality rate of any racial group!

Sometimes it seems to me that we all (myself included).  Biblically speaking, although there are many ethnicities, there is only ONE race – the human race !  After all, we all come from the same parents: Adam and Eve!


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