Sunday, December 18, 2005

Muslim Rapists Brazen in Norway and Sweden

Muslim Rapists Brazen in Norway and Sweden

Once again, Norway’s fearless blogger, fjordman, has posted a blockbuster of a newspiece:  The rapes of white Swedish and Norwegian women by Muslim males has become epidemic.

To make matters worse, the politically correct media and government officials have conspired to keep the problem largely suppressed – meaning that Scandinavian women continue to be raped and their Muslim assailants largely go free.

A word to fjordman:  Keep publishing the truth!

A word to Scandinavian media outlets and Government officials:  Grow a spine and pursue this story – wherever it leads.

A word to my fellow Americans: It CAN happen here: It is up to us to be persistently vigilant to see that it does not!

Funny how Muslim logic works:  Western females are sluttish and loose (which is often true).  Their sluttishness offends our superior Muslim morality.  Therefore, we gang-rape them to prove our superior morality!  (Huh?)


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