Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Seeeeeeeennnsitive Dhimmi-Minded Pentagon Chiefs Welcome Muslim Chaplains, Toss Jesus’ Name Overboard

Seeeeeeeennnsitive Dhimmi-Minded Pentagon Chiefs Welcome Muslim Chaplains, Toss Jesus’ Name Overboard

In an article that is enough to make one lose his cookies, the Washington Times shines the searchlight on a process of spiritual perfidy on the part of the Pentagon Chiefs (and that includes the Chiefs of Chaplains) perpetrated against the Christian believers of this country – and, particularly, against the Christian believers in the military laying their lives on the line to protect “religious liberty!” (Hat tip: Drudge.)

First, under President Clinton, the military welcomed its first Muslim chaplains into the military ranks.  Now, under President Bush, the Pentagon is telling chaplains that the Name of Jesus Christ is persona non grata outside the four walls of a specifically “Christian” chapel service.

This is perfidious on so many levels: First, because our country was founded by Christians (not Muslims, Buddhists, or secular atheists); second; because for centuries, chaplains have been praying in Jesus’ Name in the military; third, because – unlike in civilian life – prayer is traditionally asked for and given in numerous secular, non-religious contexts (e.g., Dinings In and Dinings Out, to name just two); fourth, because military people put their lives on the line frequently, both in training and in actual mission performance, and they, therefore, often feel a need for prayer; and, fourth, and finally, if we plan on winning the current ongoing Christian Crusade against the Jihadists, we need all the Divine favor we can get!

Hint: Kicking Christ out of the military public square hardly seems the approach to take by a military leadership that is in dire need of Divine assistance to win an on-going, wide-ranging, and protracted conflict.

Bush, Rumsfeld, the service secretaries, the uniformed service chiefs of staff, and the chiefs of chaplains are nothing short of spineless, unprincipled, and irreverent asshats to have permitted this state of affairs to have gotten as far as it has.    


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I have to say I do not understand this story. What exactly is it that chaplains do? I was under the impression they were simply available to perform spiritual duties for soldiers who wanted them. In which case, presumably the soldier would pick a chaplain of his/her own faith...?

Wed Dec 21, 08:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, elizabeth! Good questions. Chaplains do a lot of things. In many cases the soldier is stuck with one chaplain in his unit -- and that chaplain may or may not be of a belief close to his own. There are many issues. However, in my view, the Constitutionally protected speech of the chaplains in clearly under attack. Chaplains, after all, are supposed to represent their own (denominational) beliefs, not act as mouthpieces for some sort of generic "government approved military generic, inoffensive, one-sized-fits-all religion." It seems the military is unduly afraid of being slapped with ACLU suits and is trying to head them off with politically correct solutions. -- gunjam

Wed Dec 21, 08:44:00 PM PST  

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