Friday, January 06, 2006

Navy Chaplain Corps Splits Theological Hairs to Muzzle Klingenschmitt

Navy Chaplain Corps Splits Theological Hairs to Muzzle Klingenschmitt

We have recently posted about the ongoing religio-political struggles of one gutsy Navy Chaplain named Gordon Klingenschmitt.

While the particulars of his beef with the Navy may seem a bit obscure to the casual passer-by, they are of critical importance to the First Amendment issues of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Essentially, the Navy (or, the Air Force) does not want any Christian chaplain to pray in Jesus’ Name outside the confines of a chapel service – and yet still wants to be able to call on these same chaplains to pray “inclusively” in non-worship settings.

Now the Navy has trotted out a couple of Protestant chaplain lackeys to dun Klingenschmitt and to brag how their “personal convictions” (amazingly) “just happen” to line up with current Navy policy of: “Now you see him praying in Jesus’ Name – and now you don’t!”

The absurdity of the arguments is as risible as it is childish.  First, how – in a general setting can ANY Christian chaplain pray ANY prayer that is “inclusive” enough to make even atheists and Satanists feel “included?”

So, is the Navy saying that it is okay to offend atheists and Satanists with generic prayer, but that it is NOT permissible to offend religious Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc, by praying Jesus’ Name?

Too bad the President’s spokesman, Scott McLellan, did not have a more articulate answer regarding this issue at a recent press conference.


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