Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Resolved: Mexico is a Cesspool

Resolved:  Mexico is a Cesspool

Before I ONCE AGAIN launch into the illegal immigration issue – which is nothing less than America’s struggle to retain its own identity – let me FIRST focus on the PRIMARY source of the illegal immigration problem – and that is the country of Mexico, which is – both economically- and politically-speaking – a cesspool.

And, for a variety of reasons, this FIRST CAUSE is generally passed over, overlooked, or otherwise bypassed in the illegal immigration debate.

For, whatever the faults on the American side of the border that contribute to the problem of illegal immigration – and there are MANY – let us not forget for a SINGLE “momento” that the primary culprits are the folks who rule Mexico.  

The folks who “control” Mexico include not only the duly elected leaders, with Vicente Fox at the head of the list, but also the various and sundry well-entrenched criminal enterprises that control vast resources, both South – and NORTH – of the border.

Why do people come to America in droves?  Because Mexico is a cesspool.  If it was so great, the flood of humanity would be flowing the other way.  

Any country that – despite sitting on HUGE oil reserves – depends for its financial well-being primarily on earnings sent home by its ex-pats from another country personifies the term “basket case.”

This is so obvious that no one seems to mention it: Not Vicente Fox; not President Bush; not the Brown Supremacists supporting unlimited illegal immigration to this country from Mexico; not members of the US Congress, and CERTAINLY not the spokesmen for the oh-so-PC MSM.


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