Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kwanzaa, Schmanza, Mr. President!

Kwanzaa, Schmanza, Mr. President!

I must call your attention to a recent piece by Ann Coulter, in which she most righteously takes our sometimes very hard-to-figure-out President to school for somehow finding time in his busy schedule as “leader of the free world,” to – get this – send out a 2005 “Kwaanza Message.”

If you don’t really understand what the ersatz holiday of “Kwanzaa” is all about (which is exactly: not very much), a read-through of Coulter’s piece will very quickly enlighten you.

Okay, probably the President didn’t really write, edit, read, or even speak this silly “message.”

Still and all, one HAS to wonder: Just what kind of “Texas conservatives” are advising the President, anyway?

Earth to President Bush!  Please major on the majors – not on the idiotic minutiae of the politically correct crowd.

Now, if only President Bush had time to focus on something REALLY important, like halting future base closures, or overruling SECDEF Dumbsfeld’s Pentagon’s decision to forbid military chaplains from praying in Jesus’ Name either in uniform or outside the four walls of a Christian chapel service.

Forget the Kwanzaa fairy tale:  Save our military bases and set our Christian military chaplains free to pray in Jesus’ Name!


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