Monday, January 02, 2006

MSM Asshat: Kevin Sites – Part 2

MSM Asshat: Kevin Sites – Part 2

We all should remember Kevin Sites: He is the freelance reporter, who -- working for NBC at the time -- filmed a Marine killing a terrorist on the ground inside a mosque in Fallujah, thereby igniting a global anti-American, anti-military, anti-Bush media firestorm.  This guy is a weapon for the OTHER side in the war.  He should either be arrested or deported until war's end.  I have discussed him in this blog previously.

Mr. Sites is now being given a "bully pulpit" by Yahoo to present a globe-trotting series called "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone," where Mr. Sites specializes in presenting his seditious, pro-jihadist spin on various conflicts throughout the world (although he cleverly attempts to disguise his anti-American bias by attempting to be "neutral" in his coverage).

Question:  How can you be NEUTRAL in a fight for your civilization's survival?  If you are moral and if you have a spine, you cannot.  I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to the reality of Mr. Sites' moral convictions and the relative strength of his spine.

The latest offering by Mr. Sites, is nothing less than a "puff piece" for one of the most vicious terrorist organizations on the face of the globe: "Hezbollah." But, leave it to Mr. Sites to give Hezbollah a much-needed "face lift" for Yahoo's reading public -- a facelift, which (to read from the comments posted on the site) seems to have been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by many uninformed and gullible readers around the world.  (Not all those posting comments are fooled, however.)

This piece is not "reporting:"  It is nothing less than Islamofascist agitprop.  The first sentence and a half gives away Mr. Sites' unrepentant and unhinged jihadist-appeasing approach to the ongoing worldwide War against Islamofascists.  We read: "BEIRUT -- Lebanon's militant political group Hezbollah (Party of God) has become a global brand name. But . . . ."  

There is no "But," Mr. Sites: Hizbollah are NOTHING if not ruthless killers -- killers who HATE America (and, yes, Israel). Of course they get votes.  Saddam Hussein used to get votes, too.  So did the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. It's amazing what people will do to stay alive and keep their families from harm -- even vote for the killers in their midst (even vicious Hezbollah killers funded by Iran and Syria).

It is instructive that Mr. Sites cleverly uses this piece to provide an unchallenged platform for Hezbollah's Director of Foreign Media Hussein Naboulsi to spew his Iran-approved, Israeli-hating, dogma.

Yahoo should terminate this series and fire Mr. Sites, but we all know that Mr. Yang is an appeaser of tyrants, as well.  On second thought, Mr. Sites, please stay abroad. May you  never return to this country again: You don't deserve to enjoy the freedoms that you so willingly undermine via your "journalism."  Make your home with the terrorists for whom you incessantly shill.


Anonymous SK said...

Kevin Sites sucks. Hi JG;) Where's your son?? Doin' OK? Hope you had a Merry Christmas and your New Year started off bright!

Tue Jan 03, 01:38:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, sk! Thank you for the visit and the comment! Glad you concur about Mr. Site's reportorial approach. We had a great Christmas and the New Year seems to be proceeding well. I wish you and yours all the best in 2006, as well!

Regarding my son? Ask me in a day or two? ;-) -- gunjam

Wed Jan 04, 08:08:00 PM PST  

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