Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Farewell, fjordman!

Farewell, fjordman!

fjordman, one of the great bloggers on the threat of global jihad – especially to his native Norway and the rest of Scandinavia – has decided to quit blogging.

You may still visit his blog and see his farewell post, as well as his links to various other blogs.

His site was stupendous for highlighting a story NEVER told in the North American MSM – that of the frightening entrenchment and encroachment of Muslims in Scandinavia on the culture and polity of the Scandinavian countries.

The combination of incredibly supine and stupid, Politically-Correct government leaders and MSM spokesmen in Scandinavia combined with the uncompromising and militant jihadists living in Scandinavia provide a lethal combination that literally jeopardizes traditional Christian Scandinavian culture.

I suspect that fjordman has stopped blogging out of fears for his personal safety – and/or that of his loved ones.

I recommend a visit to his site before it is, perhaps, too late to view it.


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