Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bush Administration Loses Its Israeli Dancing Monkey

Bush Administration Loses Its Israeli Dancing Monkey

Well, well, well . . . .  Having put all its eggs in the recently stroke-afflicted Ariel-Sharon basket in Israel, the Bush Administration has apparently just lost the services of its prize Israeli “dancing monkey.”

Why do I say that Sharon was the Bush Administration’s “dancing monkey?”  Because Sharon too often did on cue what the obtuse-on-matters-Israeli Bush Administration viewed as “good for America.”

What were some of those things?  Oh, let’s see . . . .   Well, withdrawal from Gaza, for instance.  And relinquishing control of the border between the newly “Palestinian”-controlled Gaza Strip and Egypt – a development that the VERY clueless (on matters Israeli) SECSTATE Condi Rice hailed as some sort of diplomatic breakthrough.  (Click here to see what disaster Ms. Rice has wrought.  I wonder if she is proud that her diplomatic ‘breakthrough’ has already cost two Egyptian soldiers their lives?)  (Hat tip: lgf.)

Having belittled Ariel Sharon the politician, permit me to follow in the footsteps of talk show host Michael Savage and distinguish between Sharon the former Israeli general and Sharon the late Israeli politician.

As a general, Sharon perhaps has known no equal (barring, perhaps, North Vietnam’s General Giap) in the post-WWII era, with regard to skill, wisdom, and insight.  Much loathed by the “Palestinians” and other Israel-haters for his generalship, Sharon the soldier well-deserves his own museum, his own Hollywood movie, and his place in the history books.

On the other hand, Sharon the politician deserves whatever obloquy that he will receive from the American Christian right and the Israeli political right – for having giving away (and planning to do so again in the future) part of the land that the God of Israel has clearly designated as being the heritage of the Nation of Israel in perpetuity.

People are having a field day ridiculing American TV preacher Pat Robertson’s declaration that Sharon’s recent illness may be a sign of displeasure at the hand of the God of Israel – for Sharon’s troubling and cavalier willingness to give up portions of the Holy Land in return for empty promises of peace (translation: in return for more opportunities to give up even MORE Israeli land).

Well, I am not a prophet, and I certainly have no direct line to the Heavenly Throne, but who among us is able to say with certitude that Sharon’s illness is NOT a sign of Divine displeasure?  

After all the Scriptures do declare that God’s anger at sinners is not an infrequent reality.  Moreover, during his day, Our LORD Jesus Christ intimated clearly that deaths and illnesses (of a nonsupernatural nature) can be reflections of Divine displeasure.

Hal Lindsey, of Late Great Planet fame, weighs in, as well.

Methinks the pundit-lady doth protest too much in the case of Pat Robertson.  I wonder, for example, why the allegedly “evangelical” Hugh Hewitt is so quick to distance himself from Pat Roberston, while incessantly showing himself “lickspittle” friendly to seemingly any Roman Catholic prelate, pontiff, or spokesman who ever opens his mouth on just about anything.  

However, keeping things in proper perspective, Mr. Hewitt is, nonetheless, a breath of wonderfully fresh air compared to Mr. Almondhead, the putative “leader” of Iran – who, in truth is a dancing monkey in his own right (though he obviously dances for different keepers, keepers who wear rag turbans on their heads).  

Almondhead seems to be dancing very hard these days . . . , but, then, so would you, if you had to worry about being stoned to death for being a bad little boy monkey!


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