Monday, January 02, 2006

The Three Monkeys in Charge Can See, Hear, Nor Speak Evil

The Three Monkeys in Charge Can See, Hear, Nor Speak Evil

Joseph Farah is a realist.  He is an American.  He is a Christian.  He is a patriot.  He is of Arab descent.  He loves America.  He speaks up on behalf of Israel.  He speaks out against terrorism.  He is unafraid to criticize those in positions of authority.  He is NO BUSHBOT.

Farah raises the BS flag on the media’s and Government’s continued, absurd refusal to see terrorism in any suspicious event that occurs that looks very much like … well: Terrorism.

“Nothing to see here; now move along,” seems to be their motto.

Their modus operandi: Make like the three Indian monkeys:  See no evil; hear no evil; and speak no evil.

They are acting like monkeys all right.

There are none so blind as they who will not see.

For the record, why was this terrorizer allowed to WALK out of that Home Depot?  Were there no employees around willing to tackle and subdue a criminal who had just driven in and deliberately set a fire causing some $1 million dollars of damage?

Remember, also, that it was the passengers’ and crews’ “passive” approach to the hijackers that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center.

It is time for CITIZEN RESPONSE:  If you observe a terrorist action being committed, make every effort to stop the terrorist(s) committing the terrorist act.  Do NOT rely on “the authorities” to “protect” you – unless you want to die.  

Every terrorist act met with a passive hand will engender a hundred more such acts – each increasing in the level of horror inflicted.


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