Saturday, October 22, 2005

Air Force Too PC for Prayers in Jesus’ Name

Air Force Too PC for Prayers in Jesus’ Name

The Air Force has been the focus of controversy in recent months regarding the role of Evangelical chaplains at the Air Force Academy and other issues.  The spineless AF leadership, every time it is pushed, seems to cave to the demands of its anti-Christian critics.

One of the latest acts of appeasement by AF leaders is to ban “sectarian” prayers by its chaplains.

Hey, if a chaplain can’t give a sectarian prayer, why is he even needed?  

This is an offensive poke in the eye to every evangelical airman who flies or fixes aircraft or who guards the flightline or who does any other of a number of jobs in the Air Force – some of them dangerous.

Translation from the PC AF bureaucratic asshats: All you Evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians: We WANT you to serve – and maybe even die in – the Air Force, but can you PLEASE stop those OFFENSIVE prayers in You-Know-Who’s Name?”

Stop the ACLU has more on this vital topic.

Link to Mudville Gazette Open Post.


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