Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Starbucks Coffee: Not So Hot

Starbucks Coffee: Not So Hot

Normally, I try to avoid giving my business to Starbucks, as the corp is known for its support of politically liberal causes that I despise: No sense in funding the enemy from within.

There is an additional reason why it is easy for me to avoid patronizing Starbucks – I simply detest their coffee.  It tastes acidic.  In a word: (in my view) Starbucks sucks.

Lest anyone doubt my coffee-drinking creds, I am an inveterate coffee lover and indulge in the drink multiple times daily – including, many times, late at night before sleeping.  

Recently, I broke my policy and bought a small cup of regular coffee at a local Starbucks.  I was once again reminded just how lousy Starbucks coffee actually tastes when served without various frills and additions that their more expensive entrees provide.

Give me simple, regular, coffee, I say – the kind you might get at a country diner for truckers.  (I will admit to preferring taking my coffee with cream – or “coffee light,” as some from the hills were wont to say in days gone by.)

Full disclosure:  I do not work for or (to the best of my knowledge) own any stock in any of Starbucks competitors.  Nor (to the best of my knowledge) do any of my loved ones.


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