Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Heart-Warming Tales from the Heart of ROPistan – Part 2

Heart-Warming Tales from the Heart of ROPistan – Part 2

One of the most generally underreported stories of “Palestine” over the past two decades is the alarming decrease in the number of Christian “Palestinian” Arabs living in the Holy Land.  Wait! You may be thinking.  Christian “Palestinians?”  Why, all the media ever talks about are the Muslim “Palestinians.”  

Your assertion would be correct for the most part, as the MSM herd has both long ignored the Christian “Palestinian” Arabs, as well as their sorry plight at the hands of their Arab “neighbors,” who have persecuted them to the point that MANY of them have emigrated out of the Middle East.

I said the story of the mistreated Christian Arabs of the Holy Land has been generally underreported.  It might be better to say that it has generally been underreported EXCEPT during the annual Christmas season, when Bethlehem is naturally very much in worldwide view.  As WND’s Joseph Farah notes, LAST year* Greg Myre highlighted the disappearing-Christian-Arabs-in-Bethlehem story – only with the despicable twist that the decline in the Christian Arab population of Bethlehem was in large part Israel’s fault.  (Hey, NYT:  All the news that’s fit to twist.)  

Sadly, as Farah points out, once again this year, Myre’s theme was robotically picked up and parroted across the globe by numerous media outlets.  Again, Israel was fingered as a primary culprit in Bethlehem’s declining Christian Arab numbers.  

Leave it to WorldNetDaily – run by none other than the same American Christian Arab-American Joseph Farah mentioned above – to set the record straight with two hard-hitting pieces: The first, a report by WND’s  Jerusalem bureau chief, Aaron Klein; and the second, an editorial by Farah himself.  Both pieces clarify that it is the lionized Muslim militants of the “Palestinian struggle” – and not the Israelis – who are the tormentors of their Christian brethren in Bethlehem.

*I originally erroneously wrote that Myre had written his piece this year.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Here's a link to an essay that you might find enlightening on a number of levels. It's from a Palestinian Christian group called Sabeel:


Tue Dec 27, 02:39:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, elizabeth! I hope you didn't REALLY intend for me to wade through 29 pages of this theologically dysfunctional woman's weird diatribe against Jews, fundamentalist Christians, and even the Bible itself, did you? Or, did i "just happen" to skim through the "wrong" parts? I think Joseph Farah is both more theologically sound and more psychologically balanced! -- gunjam

Tue Dec 27, 08:19:00 PM PST  

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