Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yahoo’s Jerry Yang: A “Good” German Chinese

Yahoo’s Jerry Yang:  A “Good” German Chinese

This story – as a “current headline” is almost three weeks old.  I had intended to post on it, but I never could quite get to it.

Well, it is just as well, because this evening I stumbled upon a SUPERB post by another blogger, roger l. simon, who basically says it all for me.  Read his superb and scathing post here.

So, what is the story? you are possibly asking.  Well, basically, Yahoo does major business in China.  Taiwanese-born American Jerry Yang is Yahoo’s Co-Founder and Chief.  Yahoo is a very big company.  Jerry Yang is a very rich man.

Jerry Yang’s company does business in China.  Jerry Yang’s company makes BIG money in China.  Jerry Yang’s company basically has only ONE customer in China:  The freedom-suppressing, Communist Government.  

One freedom that Yahoo-Customer (freedom-suppressing) Communist Chinese Government suppresses is freedom of speech – including freedom of speech on the INTERNET.

Yahoo helps the freedom-suppressing Communist Government run the (highly-restricted, tightly-controlled) Chinese Internet (as do Microsoft, Cisco, and Google, as well).  This means that Yahoo knows something about many Chinese users on the Internet who may dare to express thoughts not to the liking of China’s Commmunist Government.

Sometimes the Communist Chinese Government asks Jerry Yang’s Yahoo to give them the names of Internet users whose views the Communist Chinese Government does not like so that they can find them, prosecute them, and imprison them.

Jerry Yang has made it clear that Yahoo will GLADLY COMPLY with such requests for information from its number one customer in China: the freedom-suppressing Communist Chinese Government.  I mean – after all – that is the price of doing business in China, right?  You wouldn’t expect Jerry Yang to have some spine, principles, guts, or cojones regarding meekly surrendering names from his server databases to Communist Chinese Government thugs, would you?  (I didn’t think so – and you would be right: He doesn’t.)

Because Jerry Yang has no spine or cojones, Chinese journalist Shi Tao has received a Ten-Year(!) sentence for expressing thoughts that did not meet with the approval of the Communist-Chinese Thought Police.  Shi Tao is going to jail because Jerry Yang’s American company, Yahoo’s Hong Kong subsidiary ratted Shi Tao out to his Communist Chinese overlords.  

Oh, and Jerry Yang feels really badly about it.  In fact, I bet he was really feeling badly about poor Mr. Shi Tao the other day when Jerry was depositing his latest mega-payment from the Communist Chinese Government for services rendered in the Yahoo bank account!

If you would like to share your thoughts with Jerry Yang on this issue, you may email him.


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