Friday, January 06, 2006

Loathesome Rich Americans Enjoy Playing Toady to Chinese Government (in Return for $)

Loathesome Rich Americans Enjoy Playing Toady to Chinese Government (in Return for $)

I have posted previously of my contempt for Taiwan-born Jerry Yang’s obsequious willingness to supply the Chinese Government – upon request – of lists of users of Yahoo in China, so that the Chinese Government may proceed to clamp down on and/or prosecute said users.

Thanks, Jerry!  Really gutsy policy you have!

To be fair, Yang is not alone among successful American IT gurus who have sold out for filthy lucre any human rights principles they may have once held in order to remain in the good graces of the oppressive, Communist Government.

Others concerns that have shown a willingness to so cooperate with the Chinese Government’s policy of clamping down on and controlling Internet users are Cisco, Google, and Microsoft.

The most recent episode involves Bill Gates’ Microsoft’s willingness to shut down – at the request of the serpentine Chinese Government – a controversial blog. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Here is what is so disgusting: These whiz kids (Gates, the Gooooogle twins, and Jerry Yang) have taken full advantage of the liberties this great country offers to build fabulous wealth that they can freely enjoy in this country.  Yet, they are so callow as to have NO qualms about cooperating with a despotic Chinese Government’s efforts to suppress its own people’s liberties.

The justification for this despicable behavior?  Money, money, MONEY!

Yes, there is something rotten in Denmark Seattle (and Mountain View)!


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