Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Farah Exposes the Biased MSM Mewling over a Few Dead Lebanese

Farah Exposes the Biased MSM Mewling over a Few Dead Lebanese

Joseph Farah is an evangelical Christian American of Lebanese and Syrian descent.  He loves Lebanon – but, unlike so many others today – he does NOT hate Israel.  (The operative terms are “evangelical Christian American.”)

In his latest WND piece, Farah puts the MSM mewling and caterwauling over a few dead Lebanese in perspective.

Similarly, Michael Savage on his show yesterday pointedly asked: “Where are the dead-baby photos from Darfur (where Muslims are killing the children)?”  And, again: “Where were the dead babies in the media when the Hutus and Tutsis were slaughtering each other in Rwanda a few years back.

While all civilian loss of life in time of war is tragic (albeit ubiquitous), the only difference now is that the few Lebanese civilians who are getting killed are being killed by that eeeeeeeeeeeevvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll Mid-East power known as Israel.

I say:  As long as the girlie-men Hezbollah fighters continue setting up their gun and missile emplacements among civilian human shields, expect more of the same.

Bottom line:  Go Israel!  Smash the hate-driven Hezbollah killers!

Meanwhile, please tell the MSM reporters and Islamofascist apologists to put a sock in it.


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