Friday, July 07, 2006

No Sh*t, Sherlock! (The Chinese Aren't Playing Straight with Us over NoKo)

Let's see, President Bush (under SECSTATE Condi Rice's feminine influence) has turned into a major patsy regarding the latest round of missile-rattling by North Korea's certifiable (reportedly American-whiskey-loving) "leader," Kim Jong-Il.

Presidential spokesman (and ersatz conservative) Tony Snow said that NoKo's recent self-inflicted missile ejaculations were not a matter between North Korea and the United States, but a matter between North Korea and the world. (Question for Bush/Rice/Snow: How good are "the world's" anti-missile defense systems at protecting Hawaii.)

Joseph Farah has recently (and rightly) taken the President to task for his egregiously unsatisfactory response to Kim Jong-il's threats (and, now, actions) regarding missile launches. Now, in passing, the Administration tells us: Oh, one of the missiles might have been aimed at Hawaii, and, oh, we MIGHT have been able to down it. (How so very comforting.)

Well, now, after all of Condi Rice's diplomatic machinations of trusting the ChiComs to help us bring the NoKo midget martinet to heel, we read in the Washington Times that (surprise, surprise!) the ChiComs may not have been shooting straight with us on this issue.!

What was our first hint? The ONLY country in the region that DIDN'T mind the missile launces was China -- and THEY are NoKo's nearest neighbor..... Hmmmmm.

Far from being a foreign policy cowboy, President Bush looks to have morphed into a Foreign Policy Bill Clinton in his second term.

Let's hope President Bush can snap out of the passive spell that Ms. Rice seems to have cast on him.


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