Saturday, July 08, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson Examines Israelophobia

Victor Davis Hanson takes an honest look at why the tiny country of Israel is such a lightning rod for hatred -- and why the world judges Israel by a different (and far harsher) yardstick than it does ANY Arab or Muslim entity.

While Hanson does not touch on it, there is, of course, a spiritual element to this "enigma."

On the one hand, Israel is God's specially chosen earthly nation (forever), and this stirs up jealousy and hatred.

Second, as Israel is currently in rejection of her rightful Messiah (the LORD Jesus Christ), she is incurring divine judgment.

How will this quandary be resolved? Well, certainly not until things first get a lot worse for Israel . . .

. . . For the time will come when Israel acknowledges Christ as her rightful King and HE will destroy the other nations' armies for her.


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