Monday, July 31, 2006

The REAL Prisoner Abuse by the US Military: Against Our OWN Men

The REAL Prisoner Abuse by the US Military:  Against Our OWN Men

There have been acres and acres of trees killed to publish utter rubbish about all the alleged (and largely overblown) prisoner abuse by the US military at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, and elsewhere.

The UN, the MSM, and the Democratic Party have this AMAZING ability selectively to go into high dudgeon over the rumor of a hangnail on the person of an Arab or Muslim prisoner of the US Military, while simultaneously going somnolent over the actual abuse of American fighting men in confinement.  (Of course, the same selective indignation applies in spades to Israel (bad) vs. the Arabs/Muslims (good) when it comes to MSM bankrupt moral “sensibilities”(sic).)

The real prison abuse tragedy being committed by our US Military (read: by President Bush’s/SECDEF Dumbsfeld’s military) is currently being perpetrated against eight of our finest fighting men now wrongfully confined to the brig at Camp Pendleton on questionable accusations and virtually non-existent forensic evidence of one enemy Iraqi family.

The only two spokesmen who are publicly decrying this tragedy are Michael Savage and Joseph Farah.

I have often called for SECDEF Dumbsfeld to be canned by the President:  This is the last straw.  The man clearly is not standing behind our troops: Dummy has blinked at the MSM’s flashlight beam in his eyes demanding that he make criminals out of his men for trumped up charges.  

And Dummy (and his lickspittle USMC generals) have eagerly complied – going out of their way to treat the Pendleton Eight abusively – including (for awhile) chains and abusive interrogation methods.

While hundreds of tailored-suit attired big-name leftist attorneys have flown all the way to Gitmo to “defend” the rights of Muslim terrorists PRO BUONO, the working class/middle class families of  the Pendleton Eight have to scrape and beg for funds to pay their attorneys.  Where is the ACLU when our Marines need them?  (Answer, in Guantanamo sucking up to the terrorists and ne’er-do-wells confined there.)

I join Michael Savage and Joseph Farah in calling on President Bush and SECDEF Dumbsfeld to end this travesty of justice whereby our own fighting men are treated worse than the prisoners now held at Abu Ghraib.

And when this is over, as Michael Savage says, some Marine brass need to be brought up on charges for their treatment of these honorable fighting men – and Dumbsfeld needs to be sent packing post haste!

I have little doubt that these men are innocent!


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