Saturday, July 08, 2006

President Bush's Dangerous Passivity on NoKo's Missile Insanity

I have read two pieces in recent weeks about the GWB Administration's unsatisfactoritly limp-wristed response to NoKo's "missile-launch madness."

The first was by WND's Joseph Farah.

The second is by Jon B. Wolfsthal.

Whatever the (likely Condi-Rice-inspired) reason(s), the current Administration does not seem willing to treat the recent launces seriously or to hold Kim Jong-Il accountable for his actions.

Instead we seem to be winking at him as some cute toddler playing cowboy and are now willing to give him what he wants (one-on-one time with a US diplomat).

William Kristol seems to be hitting the same note here, asking what price NoKo will pay for its missile-brandishing ways.

Isolationist-prone Patrick Buchanan takes a completely opposite view on the matter.


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