Sunday, July 09, 2006

Putin Shows Us How to Deal with Terrorists

For those of us who are sickened by President Bush's and the Pentagon's seeming inability to comprehend that the war on Islamofacists cannot be rightly fought with numerous self-imposed limitations and rules (rules, mind you, that are laughed at by the enemy), it is encouraging to see how Russian leader Putin and his congress have responded to the recent outrageous slaughter of four Russians in Iraq. (Hat tip: WND.)

They are sending out commandos to hunt down and kill the perpetrators.

Oh, sure, the SECDEF sends out his boys to kill the big fish, like Zarqawi, but with the rank and file terrorists, he has been working with the Iraqi Government in some kind of absurd "catch and release" policy.

I am saying for the record that current US anti-terrorist policies/practices are not ruthless enough. They are far too weakened by politically correct considerations -- deference to a hostile MSM, perhaps chief among them.

I hope that Putin's team actually accomplishes its mission. It might teach our Inside-the-Beltway Leaders something about how to conduct war in the REAL WORLD -- not the politically-correct, make-believe world of the WaPo and the NYT and Time Magazine.


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