Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ilana Mercer Exposes the Resurgence of Replacement Theology in the West

Breath-takingly lovely, Ilana Mercer is also an very incisive thinker and writer. In a recent piece for WND, Ms. Mercer exposes the insidious, creeping, anti-Israel position being propagated by an (otherwise very excellent) conservative American publication, The American Conservative (TAC).

Ms. Mercer details how the doctrinal heresy known as "replacement theology" oozes through the writings of TAC's editor (who, as it turns out, is this man.)

Replacement theology, which has been around in one form or another for centuries, has long been the preserve of both Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant denominations. It basically says -- in a nut-shell -- that (as Israel has rejected the LORD Jesus Christ as Messiah) God is now FINISHED with Israel and has replaced her with the Church.

TAC's special brand of Replacement Theology apparently has "Palestine" replacing Israel.

It may be worth noting that one of TAC's best-known contributors is none other than Pat Buchanan.

Replacement Theology is not just poor (and grossly unScriptural) theology -- but it has long served as a theological backdrop for Israel-hating and Jew-hatred. How convenient: If God is finished with Israel, then, we can wash our hands of her, as well.

Warning to all readers: The Scriptures are adamant that God is NOT finished with Israel and that -- moreover -- He has glorious end-times plans for her.

Hats off to Ms. Mercer for blowing TAC's cover on its sleazy anti-Israeli (read: anti-Semitic) bias.

You can visit Ms. Mercer's blog here.


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