Thursday, August 03, 2006

By Throwing His Troops Overboard to Media Sharks, SECDEF Has Forfeited His Right to Lead DoD

By Throwing His Troops Overboard to Media Sharks, SECDEF Has Forfeited His Right to Lead DoD

This is it!  I cannot take it anymore!  President Bush, you simply MUST FIRE your SECDEF NOW – or, you, too, will share in his ignominy of first having thrown his troops into a brutal urban warfare saddled with absurdly restrictive Marquis de Queensbury Rules of Engagement (ROE) against an enemy who has NO RULES but not backing them up when enemy spokesmen counterattack them for their alleged “brutality,” etc.

Of course, the SECDEF (and his pathetically political generals) have no problem if OUR boys get KILLED or MAIMED or WOUNDED – hey, that’s part of the war equation.

However, what the SECDEF and his generals lack the masculine spine to do is simply to be able to stare down “world opinion” when US troops are put under the microscope and simply saying into the microphone in front of the cameras:  “This is war.  In wartime, prisoners get roughed up and people pointing guns at our boys will get killed – even when they try to hide behind their own women and children.”

But, instead of sticking up for their troops, whom they ask to take all manner of risks, the SECDEF and his less-than-valorous generals simply thrown them overboard.

What am I talking about?  If the US-hating, US-military-loathing, Islamofascist-sympathizing MSM Fifth Column asks the SECDEF or his generals about alleged (and one-sided) reports of “prisoner abuse” at Abu Ghraib or elsewhere, the DoD brass have but one response:  Lock up the accused and throw the book at them.  If a leftist, seditious AP reporters declares that some Marines or soldiers killed some civilians in cold blood, the SECDEF and his generals’ first response is not to do their duty and defend their boys as – at the VERY LEAST – innocent until PROVEN guilty, but rather to lock up the accused and begin MONTHS of interrogations and investigations.

This has now become a recognizable and predictable pattern:  Such instances of throwing our troops overboard can no longer be called anecdotal.   This is a systematic approach to MSM accusations on the part of our dysfunctional DoD Brass.

As the buck stops at your desk, Mr. President, you face a MAJOR decision:  Either fire Dumbsfeld now – or you will share in the blame and risk going down in history as the President who bravely threw his troops into combat against the throat-slitting Islamofascists, but cut and ran on your troops when hostile MSM reporters counter-attacked.

While instances of wrongful troop prosecution for daring to fight the enemy often go unreported, there are now enough instances that we are all familiar with:  Lt Pantano; the Abu Ghraib crew; the Haditha Marines; the Hamdaniya Marines (or, the Pendleton Eight); and now the Samarra Four.

While most of the alleged “conservative” blogosphere and talk radio world does not even have a clue – for instance, on this issue, where is Rush?  Where is Hugh?  Where is Laura?  They are out to lunch – there are two voices that are beginning to speak up boldly: Michael Savage and Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily.

The furor will continue.  As Michael Savage said on his show Wednesday, August 2nd, first we need to demand that Dumbsfeld be fired and fight to get these innocent heroes freed from their trumped up, politically-motivated charges, but then we need to go after the military brass that have committed t his treachery against our boys and demand that THEY be brought up on charges.

As a good real life comparison, Michael Savage points out that the Israelis made a few accidental hits against civilians in the past several weeks.  What did they do?  Did they prosecute the pilots involved?  Did they press charges?  Did they confine them in solitary confinement?  

NO!  They said to the world: “Whoops!  We goofed.”  And then they sent those same pilots back to doing MORE combat missions.

The feminized, PC US military would do well to learn from their Israeli counterparts.

In fact, they had BETTER learn said lessons post haste, or their credibility will be in doubt for years to come.


Blogger TexasFred said...

Jam, I am going to copy and paste this, in it's entirety, to MY blog, I will of course link back to you and YOUR blog, this is an excellent piece and I get a lot of exposure as of late and maybe this will be seen by even more...

Awesome piece... Simple awesome...

Thu Aug 03, 09:22:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Texas Fred.. Thank you Mucho, Amigo!
-- gunjam

Sat Aug 05, 07:51:00 PM PDT  

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