Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Psssst! Almondhead, You Stink!

Psssst!  Almondhead, You Stink!

It has often been said in one way or another that one mark of true humility and greatness is the ability to laugh at oneself – a virtue exemplified by the late, great President Ronald Reagan.

However, the current figurehead of Iran, President Almondhead – who is in fact a sock-puppet for the Islamic Cardinal Richelieus who are the true rulers of modern day Persian – has, if recent reports are true, demonstrated that he is neither humble nor great.

Someone in Iran managed to send President Almondhead a test-message on his cell phone to the effect that the Iranian head-of-state does not bathe frequently enough.

The ever humorous and fun-loving Almondhead actually had four people arrested over this egregious offense, which – if true – was simply a needed exhortation, and – if false – was something that simply should have been ignored.

My comment on this entirely sorry (and odiferous) tale is found in the title of this post: “Pssssssst!  Almondhead, you STINK!”

So, arrest me!


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