Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bill Roggio Shows He Is an Outstanding Individual, as Well as a Top-of-the-Line Blogger

Bill Roggio Shows He Is an Outstanding Individual as Well as a Top-of-the-Line Blogger

I owe Bill Roggio a public apology.  I took him to task in this forum for having deleted a comment I posted in his blog.

I only (late) last night discovered that Bill had much earlier sent me an email graciously APOLOGIZING for having deleted my comment (because it contained profanity) and offering me the chance to repost (a sanitized version of) my comment on his blog.

Some blogs allow profanity in their comments, but others do not.  I did not realize that I was violating Bill’s “house rules,” but I respect his rules and, of course, I should abide by them.

Bill, as a top-line blogger, owed me neither an apology nor an explanation for his decision to delete my comment – let alone the chance at a “do-over,” so my hat is off to Bill.  That shows a grace rarely found at the higher levels of the blogosphere.

I retract any and all negative comments about Bill Roggio in my previous posts on this matter.  In fact, I plan to post a permanent link to his site on my blog.

And, again, I apologize for my two earlier critical posts about Bill and his fine blog.

Incidentally, along with Michelle Malkin, Bill has done a great job of calling AP’s hand on their highly questionable practice of apparently using enemy-sympathizing Iraqi stringers to do their “real” war reporting, while the actual AP reporters . . . . do what?  Sip martinis in Baghdad hotels?


Anonymous SK said...

Nice shows true class!

Tue Apr 18, 06:24:00 AM PDT  

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