Sunday, April 23, 2006

San Antonio’s Own T. R. Fehrenbach Hits It out of the Park on the Issue of Language

San Antonio’s Own T. R. Fehrenbach Hits It out of the Park on the Issue of Language

As I have said in NUMEROUS posts, I believe that Michael Savage is one of the most important, clear-thinking, and articulate forces on the American political scene today.

Savage’s politically incorrect LBC mantra, “Language, Borders, Culture,” – and more recently (on at least one broadcast) “Language, Borders, Culture, and Flag” has – far more than any other major talk show’s or blog’s thrust (with the possible exceptions of littlegreenfootballs or Michelle Malkin) pinpointed the vulnerable soft underbelly of the present-day American body politic.

No one in the country that I can think of was more vindicated than Savage by the recent sight of the main streets of America’s major cities SWARMING with HORDES of ILLEGAL ALIENS and their SYMPATHIZERS doing the following:
  • Scorning the validity of the US borders

  • Flouting American immigration law

  • Chanting in Spanish

  • Waving Mexican (and other Central American national) flags

The sight of this at once revolting and menacing sight IMMEDIATELY triggered the DEEPEST of REACTIONS in the hearts of all TRULY PATRIOTIC Americans.  (Note:  By definition that excludes virtually all members of the Bush Administration and Members of Congress, to say nothing of the America-loathing MSM).  We at once understood the grave threat that the presence of some 20 MILLION illegals in our land poses to our continued existence of a recognizably distinct political entity resembling anything along the lines it has taken for the past 200-plus years.  

At that point, I feel certain that it instantly crystallized in the hearts of millions of patriotic middle class American voters that the likes of President Bush, Senator McCain, Senator Specter, and so on, are NOT “one of them” – not even close.  In fact, the Republican Party as we have known it since the days of the Reagan Administration is probably dead.  I can personally say – as a registered Repbublican voter and a former (small-potatoes) donor, that I have rebuffed and/or reviled the last few individuals that have had the misfortune to call me at home requesting donations to the RHINO Party.

Savage is a maverick:  Far to the right of what I have dubbed the MSBS (“Mainline Blogosphere”) on such issues as how to wage the war in Iraq (e.g., fight it to WIN by taking the handcuffs off our troops); how to deal with illegal immigrants (i.e., deport them and demand oil from Mexico in return for our care and feeding of its unwanted riff-raff); and so on; and yet to the left of the MSBS in his almost-daily salvos against such conservative sacred cows as the Republican Party, President Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News.

The latter item – Savage’s critiques of Fox News – are indicative of an exceeding curious phenomenon in both the MSBS and most of the conservative broadcast media:  Michael Savage is a pariah, a persona non grata.

Case in point, Hugh Hewitt, the Republican-first-and-last flagship icon of the MSBS, who will ask almost ANYONE on his show (including many liberals, although – admittedly – to do battle with them), has never in my hearing EVER mentioned Michael Savage by name, although I suspect he has been obliquely referring to him in his aspersions cast on the “nativists.”  

By the same token, you will NEVER see Michael Savage invited on as a guest, or mentioned as an opinion-maker on Fox News, which is rather curious, since most people view Fox News as either conservative or independent.

Now, it is interesting to note that Michael Savage likely has FAR more listeners to his radio show than Hugh Hewitt does to his.  Savage, of course, cannot match Limbaugh for listeners, but he is in the same league as, say, Sean Hannity (another frequent target of Savage’s flaming verbal darts).

I find it odd, petty, incongruous, and unhelpful that Michael Savage is basically the victim of a virtual unspoken “blacklisting” action within – not only the MSM, which is to be expected – but also within the allegedly truth-seeking MSBS.

Now, however, I find (hat tip: realclearpolitics) that San Antonio’s own T. R. Fehrenbach eloquently echoes the “Language” portion of Savage’s LBC mantra by articulating that language is the basic medium in which the bacterium of a common culture is grown.

Living in San Antonio as I do, I am impressed with Fehrenbach’s boldness, as well as with his Michael Savage-like clear thinking on the issue of language.  After all, San Antonio is a city that pays its employees more if they know (not English, silly, but) SPANISH!  San Antonio probably has as many Spanish-language radio stations as English stations.  San Antonio is a city where, in some tough neighborhoods, Spanish is the language of the day.  San Antonio is a city where non-English-speaking students are generally encouraged in the public schools to RETAIN fluency in Spanish while gradually acquiring English.

As Savage says, we need to stop printing ballots in any languages other than English.

If you want to live, work, vote and do business in this country, you need to learn English.

Nothing makes me angrier than phone menus catering to Spanish-speaking customers.  Why do these same businesses not ALSO accommodate Chinese-, Russian-, or Urdu-speaking customers, as well?  Obviously, because it would be impractical.  I say:  Time to stop treating the Spanish-speakers among us who are unwilling to learn the language of their adopted(?) country of America as a specially-privileged class.


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