Sunday, April 23, 2006

No Difference between Jane Harman and Al-Jazeerah

No Difference between Jane Harman and Al-Jazeerah

Representative Jane Harman, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said on national television today that there is little difference between what President Bush did (in DECLASSIFYING certain documents and releasing them) and what former CIA Officer Mary McCarthy did in sneaking classified information to seditionist, Dhimmi MSM reporters regarding the alleged CIA “gulags” in Europe for captured terrorists.

What the President did was the President’s prerogative, perfectly legal, and done with the country’s best interests at heart.  What McCarthy did was a violation of CIA rules and a damaging to our country’s strategic interests . . . .  Oh, but Representative Harman makes these two acts “moral equivalents.”

Okay, then Ms. Harman, if you want to play a game of “moral equivalence hardball,” then permit me to say that there is virtually no difference between your performance on Fox News today and what al-Jazeerah accomplishes on a daily basis – not only to harm American strategic interests, but also to undermine troop morale.

And, for that reason, Ma’am, you should be forced to resign from your leadership position on the House Intelligence Committee, as well as from your seat in Congress, and send home to make an honest living.


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