Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Proper Place for Propaganda In Time of War

The Proper Place for Propaganda in Time of War

For months now, Michael Savage has been appealing on his talk radio show for the US Government to use some good, old fashioned War Propaganda to further its purposes in the ongoing war in Iraq.

As Savage has pointed out, our country caricatured “Japs” and “Krauts” in World War II.  He noted that such propaganda served the purposes of focusing our troops thoughts on the duty at hand (killing the enemy) and also spurred the civilian population’s support for the war effort.

Today, I saw a superb post by Vinnie on The Jawa Report along the same lines.  As Vinnie points out, our Government used this kind of propaganda DESPITE the fact that there were Americans of Japanese and German descent fighting on our side in that war.


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