Sunday, January 29, 2006

Canada and Hamasistan: A Tale of Two Democracies

Canada and Hamasistan: A Tale of Two Democracies

Here is a GREAT column by David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen that most graphically illustrates the difference between democracy – as it is practiced in a Western nation (with, incidentally, a largely Christian heritage) – and “democracy” as it is practiced in that stinkhole officially known as the “Palestinian Authority,” but now being unofficially referred to as “Hamasistan.

Also, Mark Steyn explains the significance of the Canadian election returns for us – very interesting.  (Hat tip: realclearpolitics.)

Meanwhile, conservative columnist Patrick Buchanan is counseling the United States to NEGOTIATE with the Hamas thugs now in charge in Israel’s backyard.

Hmmmm.  You feeling okay, Pat?

However, in another piece, Mark Steyn puts it in perspective, saying that at least it is now really all ON THE TABLE: The Palestinians as a whole really and truly want Israel destroyed – something everybody with a brain (and living outside the Washington Beltway) has realized for decades.  (Hat tip: realclearpolitics.)

Ideally, this new openness about where things REALLY stand will make it harder for the State Department types to talk so blithely about the “Mid-East Peace Process,” although, unfortunately, I did hear White House Spokesman Scott McClellan on the radio last week stumbling around about how the “Road Map to Peace” was the way to go.  

Riiiiiiiight, Scott!  Let’s seeeeee:  Sharon’s in a coma, Arafat’s in his grave, and Hamas is shooting up Gaza.  I am not sure I want to go down THAT road!

Meanwhile, the aging sage, William F. Buckley, speculates that the responsibilities of power might cause Hamas to moderate somewhat.  

Wishful thinking on Buckley’s part?


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