Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush MAY Have Just Left His Biggest Mark on US History: Alito Sworn in

Bush MAY Have Just Left His Biggest Mark on US History: Alito Sworn in

Have I ever disagreed with Bush?  Just look at the past posts on this blog – I disagree with him more than I agree with him.

On illegal immigration, on aid to the Palestinians, on exploding Federal spending, on base closures in time of war, in refusals to expand the size of our Army and Marines, . . . .  – I disagree with the President vociferously.

However, something happened yesterday that may someday be regarded as Bush’s most important contribution on US history – the swearing in of Judge Alito to the US Supreme Court.

Of course, it will take time to know how this will turn out.  The current court is full of liberal justices who were appointed by past REPUBLICAN presidents.  Ford appointed Stevens.  Reagan appointed Kennedy and the now-departed O’Connor.  Bush 1 appointed the loathsome Souter.  (Scalia and Thomas were both good picks, however.)

We don’t know HOW Roberts and Alito will turn out.

However, if they turn out to be strict constructionists, Bush will have likely left his mark on US history as few other Presidents have – on his Supreme Court appointments ALONE!

It may turn out that Bush finally turned the USS Supreme Court in a new direction after DECADES of steaming to the left (starboard?).

If this happens, we will all owe God a word of thanks for sending us GWB to be our President for eight years.


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