Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I the Humble Taggee

I, the Humble Taggee

Well, about 2330H(L) (CST), I discovered that I had been tagged by CW4BillT over at the Aargghhh!!! Web site (known as The Donovan)!  

Well, I guess I was late to notice the tagging (but it was a very long day of getting off work late and then going to church and getting out of there late and then having a beer when I got home, etc.) – and, thus, I am even later to respond.

I really don’t know what all is asked of me, so I got the format of my reply from BostonMaggie (who has commented on my site before several times).  (How original; how gutsy of me – NOT!)

So, on with the requirements:

Four jobs i have held in my life (easy: I have had many)”
  • Paper boy

  • Lawn boy (cutting grass)

  • Assistant pressman

  • Courier

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
  • Lawrence of Arabia

  • Chariots of Fire

  • The Longest Day

  • The Patriot

4 Places I have Lived (Another easy one: have lived a lot of places)
  • Illinois (Chicago suburbs)

  • Northern Indiana (75 minutes from Notre Dame)

  • Okinawa, Japan

  • Southern California

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch (Huh? I thought we were all supposed to be Internet junkies here!: I don’t watch TV.  However, here are four shows I loved in days gone bye.)
  • Howdy Doody

  • Captain Kangaroo

  • Lassie

  • Roy Rogers (and Dale Evans)

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
  • Ozarks

  • New Jersey Shore

  • Canada

  • Hawaii

4 Websites You Visit Daily (There are others, but these are the current top four for me)
  • DrudgeReport

  • WorldNetDaily

  • NewsMax

  • littlegreenfootballs

4 Favorite Foods (I am virtually omnivorous, so I like almost everything, but to fulfill my duties . . . .)
  • Hamburgers

  • Tempura

  • Spaghetti

  • Pizza

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now (Hey, I am in San Antonio in February: I am pretty content!)
  • Hawaii

  • Okinawa

  • Hawaii

  • Okinawa

4 People to Tag

(Hat tip: Argghhh!!!)

In all seriousness: Thank you for the honor of being tagged!

Apology!  Oversight!  Error!  It was CHRISTINE who had me tagged on Argghhh!!!  Thank you, Christine!!!


Blogger BostonMaggie said...

Howdy Doody, lol. I guess that fits.

Thu Feb 02, 03:32:00 AM PST  
Blogger LotionBarBunny said...

And how do you know if you've been tagged? And how do you tag someone else?


Thu Feb 02, 09:02:00 AM PST  
Blogger BostonMaggie said...

Do you want to get tagged? I was supposed to tag four people and I haven't yet?

Thu Feb 02, 12:45:00 PM PST  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Another tag. I'll do my best.

Thu Feb 02, 01:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Try traveling more might be surprised what you find...

"Lawrence of Arabia" was a great film. "Chariots of Fire," on the other hand, was one of the most boring movies ever made.

Thu Feb 02, 05:50:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, bostonmaggie! Thanks for the comment! (I think. ;-) ). -- gunjam

Thu Feb 02, 07:43:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi lotionbarbunny: pretty good advertisement you have there! -- gunjam

Thu Feb 02, 07:43:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi bostonmaggie! hey, someone that could use a tag is elizabeth (below)! --gunjam

Thu Feb 02, 07:45:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, mil mom! sorry to give you repeats! (my bad!)
how is your son? Ours is back in the US, though not yet home! we are so thrilled!
-regards, gunjam

Thu Feb 02, 07:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, elizabeth! well, I am sure you are right, but I am not that travel crazy anymore. I know you have seen a lot of places. . . .

Thu Feb 02, 07:47:00 PM PST  
Anonymous billt said...

As a certified Saturday morning kid show-oholic, I definitely concur with your TV picks. You could've given Pat Brady a plug after you mentioned Dale, though.

And where is Tom Corbett, now that we need him?

*have a flashback with that one?*

Thu Feb 02, 09:57:00 PM PST  
Blogger Avi Green said...

One of my favorite TV shows was - what else? - The A-Team. Thanks for the note on the tag.

Thu Feb 02, 10:56:00 PM PST  
Blogger LotionBarBunny said...

Which ad do you mean gunjam?

I've never heard of being tagged on a blog before. We used to play Frozen Tag and Tv Tag when I was a kid though. ;)

Fri Feb 03, 06:53:00 AM PST  

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