Sunday, January 29, 2006

President Bush: PLEASE Fire This Woman (SECSTATE Condi Rice)!

President Bush: PLEASE Fire This Woman (SECSTATE Condi Rice)!

It does not seem possible, but the same Bush Administration that has shown a dogged refusal to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan despite a virtually non-stop torrent of abuse from the MSM, the domestic political Left, and the international coalition of Leftists-Islamofascists-America-haters, is the SAME Bush Administration that has pig-headedly refused to treat Palestinian Islamofascism the same way that it treats Iraqi or Afghan or Iranian Islamofascism – as unacceptable philosophy whose adherents are our enemies.

But, NOOOO!  The Bush Administration continues to rein in Israel regarding its attacks on its hostile Palestinian “neighbors,” to pressure Israel to give up yet MORE “land for peace” (can they throw in the Brooklyn Bridge?), and to – get this – funnel some $300 million in aid a year to the Palestinian Authority, either directly or via the UN.

Mr. President, there is NO good Islamofascism.

Somehow, down deep, I believe that President Bush might agree with me.  However, rather than following his gut, he is going with the (look out!) experts at Foggy Bottom, with the feckless Ms. Rice at the helm.

The Middle East Desk at the State Department has for years been known to be dominated by “Arabists,” hacks that tend to have a kneejerk preference for the Arabs over the Israelis, regardless of the issue under discussion.

However, Ms. Rice and the State Department have, regarding the issue of the “Palestinians,” carved for themselves a niche in history’s laughingstock department.

Both Michael Savage (on his talk radio show) and blogger aaron (of aaron’s cc) have to my knowledge been the first to point out with breathtaking clarity Ms. Rice’s utter lack of moxie for the (admittedly weighty) responsibilities of her position vis-à-vis the Israelis and their “Palestinian” neighbors.

In aaron’s cc post linked to, aaron plainly shows that Condi Rice ranks up their with Neville Chamberlain in terms of her willingness to shill for terrorists.  Indeed this Rice quote regarding the recently-completed “Palestinian” elections that brought Hamas to a position of parliamentary dominance in the Palestinian Authority is beyond the pale:

The Palestinian people have apparently voted for change, but we believe that their aspirations for peace and a peaceful life remain unchanged.

Care for some thorzine for that recurring psychotic delusion from which you seem to be suffering, Ms. Rice?


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