Monday, January 30, 2006

President Bush Tramples on the Truth by (Inexplicably and Gratuitously) Sucking up to Bill Clinton

President Bush Tramples on the Truth by (Inexplicably and Gratuitously) Sucking up to Bill Clinton

If you missed the Michael Savage talk radio show, you missed Savage’s most impressive, devastating, and shocking litany of evils committed by President Clinton and his Administration.  I was amazed at how many scandals I had already FORGOTTEN about.

No wonder the liberal press constantly smears President Bush – it is a way to distract us from remembering just how much evil personified the Clinton Administration.

President Bush very likely thought he was being “Christian” by whitewashing his evil (and impeached, for God’s sake!) predecessor today.

However, if that is what the President thought, he was proving that he believes some sort of parody of the Gospel.

There is all kind of room at the cross for the REPENTANT sinner – no matter how wicked, as Christ’s promise of Salvation to the (repentant) thief on the cross illustrates.

However, to the unrepentant – to the Herods, the Pilates, and the Judas Iscariots – the Bible offers neither forgiveness nor friendship with God – nor a hearty “good-ole-boy” slap on the back.

Or – to be more graphic – nowhere in the Scriptures does the LORD Jesus ever call Satan his “brother.”  (Even to suggest such a thought is blasphemous on my part.)

Now, whom do you suppose Bill Clinton more resembles in his response to his misdeeds – the repentant thief on the cross or Herod?  (WHAT misdeeds, we can almost hear Mr. Clinton protesting.)

President Bush trampled on the truth and showed himself contemptuous of those who voted for him out of an earnest desire to move AWAY from the corruption and treason that flowed in rivers from the Clinton White House – corruption and treason that President Bush, by his failure to rebuke it, has by default blessed with his stamp of approval.

Oh, did I mention that I am not very happy with the President for this latest (despicable) stunt?


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