Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hugh Hewitt: Dhimmi Extraordinaire

Hugh Hewitt: Dhimmi Extraordinaire

Hugh Hewitt is a likeable, winsome, Christian guy.  Hugh Hewitt is intelligent, sophisticated, and very successful in several fields to include law, radio and television, and book-writing.

Hugh Hewitt is a solid, strong Republican.  Hugh Hewitt is a Republican first and – it would seem – a principled conservative far after.

Tonight, listening to part of a rebroadcast of Hugh’s Valentine’s Day show, I heard him (with Howard Kurtz as Hugh’s on-air guest) criticizing Ann Coulter – ANN COULTER!  

Ann is a true American stalwart, and, yet, Hugh insists on picking nits with this wonderful woman, apparently because, she is … not nice to her political enemies.

Second, Hugh went into a self-lacerating, hand-wringing soliloquy on how the current “Muhammad comic” riots in Pakistan are a threat to Pakistani leader President Musharraf’s continued grip on power and bemoaned how “irresponsible” it is that anyone in the West would be so foolish and careless and brazen as to publish the (ridiculously innocuous) Muhammad funnies.

So, there you have it:  Hugh Hewitt is (in his gentle, wimpy way) blaming the WEST for Pakistan’s “cartoon riots” that have actually claimed some lives.

What do I have to say to Hugh’s almost effeminately overwrought concerns for the fulminating, insane Pakistani mob?  That Hugh appears to be in training for Dhimmihood.  

No, Hugh!  The riots are NOT our fault – not one WHIT.  And, yes, Hugh – our media should show those silly cartoons until we are sick of seeing them.  (It’s called “freedom of the press.”)

Compare Mr. Hewitt’s bending to the boldness and sheer craziness of the Rammstein-playing, screaming-in-outrage, Michael Savage.  

Now, THERE is a man for the present hour:  Michael Savage.  Hugh Hewitt seems to be caught up in the 1980s, when he worked in the Reagan Administration.

Newsflash to Hugh:  Times have changed, Bud.  

Second newsflash to Hugh:  Republican is NOT equal to gutsy or conservative – a truth that you don’t quite seem to appreciate.


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