Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Despicable Treatment of Our Commander-in-Chief Today

Despicable Treatment of Our Commander-in-Chief Today

The abuse that was meted out to our President (and God knows I have criticized the man!) today at Coretta Scott King’s burlesque funeral was absolutely despicable and gratuitous and only made Bush look good and his attackers look base, vile, and ludicrous.

Shame on you “Reverend” Lowery.  You are an asshat.  I would gladly kick your ass for the way you treated our Commander-in-Chief today, given the chance – but you would likely squeal “racist! racist!” all the way home to your mama.

As for President Carter, he is so loathsome as to produce literally near-nausea in my stomach at the mere mention of his name.

Michael Savage described Carter well today on his radio show:  “He is the worst President in our history; and the worst former President.”

Carter has been at the bottom of his game for a long time – but he just keeps on digging.

Hillary is horrible to behold.

All those who mistreated our President today dishonored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King and his widow.

Again, as Savage said, it is sickening to see funerals milked for publicity and political gain for DAYS at a time.

Enough of the Roman circuses already!

My son, who just returned from Iraq – where his unit lost some men – about a month ago, was incensed.

He said that the treatment meted out to the President at the Coretta Scott King funeral today showed disrespect for the men who have fallen in battle in Iraq (and Afghanistan) – because President Bush is their Commander-in-Chief.

And the Democrats wonder why so many in the military refuse to vote for them.

On a humorous note:  Michael Savage commented on the ludicrous Teddy Kennedy along these lines:  “Yes. We know how many blacks have been out at the parties at Hyannisport lately.”

More at Stop the ACLU!


Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

I thought the comments about WMD was totally out of line. What did that have to do with the life of Coretta King?

Wed Feb 08, 06:03:00 AM PST  
Anonymous SK said...

The Dems just keep making themselves look like asses. This looked more like a political debate than a funeral...their respect knows no limits...yeah right.

Wed Feb 08, 12:58:00 PM PST  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I've had plenty of bosses that deserved to be ridiculed and worse...does your son actually think Bush is doing a good job "leading" the troops in Iraq?

Thu Feb 09, 05:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

elizabeth: I know that this is hard for you to comprehend, but my son actually respects his commander-in-chief. Does that mean he think the President is flawless? No! However, maybe you don't get it, but my son just got back from a tour of putting his life on the line on a daily basis -- a tour from which some of his fellow soldiers returned in coffins. My son respects the mission. He respects his profession. And he respects the Americans fallen in the line of duty. My son (correctly) sees the President as the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces and rightfully believes that the President should not be hatefully treated in a public forum that was allegedly designed to honor the passing of a famous woman. But, perhaps, to your thinking, there is no such thing as a political "cheap shot?" Once again, my son sees those insults that were aimed at President Bush as showing disrespect to my son's fallen comrades. If those folks at the funeral thought to win hearts or votes by their churlish verbal missiles, they certainly didn't win my son's. I am happy to criticize the President in the proper forum, such as in this blog, but those who attacked the President at the funeral earned only my (and, apparently, also my son's) deepest contempt. -- gunjam

Sat Feb 11, 10:34:00 AM PST  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

"my son sees those insults that were aimed at President Bush as showing disrespect to my son's fallen comrades."

I don't see the connection.

I think your son is just in denial. Bush doesn't care about ordinary people like your son.

Sat Feb 11, 07:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

elizabeth: I think YOU are in denial: There is a true sense of duty, honor, country among our military men of today. It is an ALL-VOLUNTEER military, remember? They support their commander-in-chief (even when they disagree with him on certain political issues.) I take that you have never volunteered to serve even a day.... Perhaps that is why you are clueless regarding such matters. -- gunjam

Sun Feb 12, 02:26:00 PM PST  

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