Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh! You Mean the Riots Are NOT SPONTANEOUS?

Oh! You Mean the Riots Are NOT SPONTANEOUS?

Let’s see: Muslims (despite their veiled women, turbans, and bathrobe outfits) have the Internet, instant messaging, cell phones, and email.  (Okay.)

The original Danish cartoons that are so offensive were first published in October of 2005.  

The riots just started last week?  (This is FEBRUARY, for crying out loud!)

Oh, and they have burned more Danish flags than are (likely) owned by the entire Danish Army.

And, we KNOW how common Danish flags are in Gaza, Cairo, and Iran!

This is so obviously an orchestrated, planned, and incited affair.

Incited by professionals.

This entire scandal has someone’s fingerprints on it . . ..

But whose?

Iran’s?  Or China’s?

Maybe both.

Mr. President, please BOMB Iran – and SOON!


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