Sunday, February 12, 2006

On the Alleged Taboo

On the Alleged Taboo on Depicting the Prophet Mohammed

In case you live in a cave, the basis for the worldwide mad-dog behavior by the Muslim masses regarding the publication (back in OCTOBER!) of a dozen cartoons or caricatures spoofing either Islam or its founding figure the “Prophet”(sic – and, also, probably sick) Muhammad.

You see, some Imams and Mullahs (wait, or was that Illahs and Mumams?) have been saying that Islam “forbids depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.”  

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  Let’ see: The Bible forbids homosexuality.  Anyone remember any Christian riots triggered by the showing of the movie Bareback Mountain – or any network or newspaper declining to discuss this movie lest Christian passions be inflamed??  (Neither do I.)

Anyway, so even IF Islam TRULY forbade depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, the riots and mayhem that have transpired in a number of countries over the past two weeks are scarcely justified.

And, what is more, that “IF” is not true.

Ann Coulter was perhaps the first to point out that is isn’t true.

Then Michelle Malkin mentioned it.

Finally, Zombietime has done the world a favor by cataloguing an extensive list of depictions of the prophet Mohammed over the centuries – including many depictions by MUSLIMS!  (Including a current depiction in that Islamofascist snake-pit, Iran!)  (Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin.)

Of course, Bill Clinton – good Dhimmi that he is – came out in defense of the rioters.  (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)


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