Saturday, February 11, 2006

Texas Governor Perry ‘Discovers’ Border Issue Some Six Years after Taking Office

Texas Governor Perry ‘Discovers’ Border Issue Some Six Years after Taking Office

How long has Governor Perry been raging against the Federal Government for neglect of the border with Mexico?  About five minutes, as far as I can tell.

How long has he been Governor?  Well, approximately since GWB vacated that office to become President.

Hmmmmmm.  And  how long have we had a problem at the border?  Well, it is safe to say that we have had a problem since at least before Governor Perry assumed office.

Now, while I believe sincerely in late – even death-bed – conversions, I am a bit skeptical of Monsieur Perry.

First, Perry is a former Democrat, who saw which way the wind was blowing and jumped to the Republican Party.

Second, when harmful “hate crimes” legislation passed the Texas State Legislature in the wake of the horrible “Byrd dragging death,” Perry signed the legislation because it seemed the popular thing to do – despite urgent please from many (myself included) not to do so.

Now, he is running for re-election against some determined opposition, and “lo and behold,” Governor Perry is a “born-again” border-control advocate.

Color me skeptical, Governor (in spite of your movie-star good looks)!  (And, no, I don’t plan to contribute to your campaign anytime soon.)  You strike me as the ultimate “wet-your-finger-and-stick-it-in-the-wind” kind of politician.

As Michael Savage said on his show yesterday: “Don’t confuse ‘Republicans’ for ‘conservatives.’”  They are hardly synonymous.


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